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Japan Vs. U.S. In The Busines Market

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In such a competitive business world like today, companies always strive to get an edge over the competition. One of the often overlooked features of building a successfull business is the effects that culture will have on it. Each different type of culture has their own views on business and how it will be operated. Knowing how each culture interacts in the business world is vital to the survival of the business. A good example of this is the United States and Japanese culture. The United States and Japan are major leaders in the business world today, but each has their own unique style of business management. The two entirely different cultures have striking differences, but each culture can learn from one another in many beneficial ways. The business model of the United States has many benefits as well as faults according to a study done by Michael J. Pasani, who is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Montgomery College. The benefits of American businesses practices are that they appreciate individualism, creativity, personal initiative, volunteer activities, and application software. The negatives of American business structure is that it consists of top-down decision making; meaning the higher you are in the company, the more decisions you will make. American businesses are usually more focused on profit and less on the treatment of employees, which creates less employee loyalty to the company. Also, because of being more profit oriented, they will take the quick and easier way out to come out on top, even if that means laying...

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