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In the history, the japan culture has much affected by the Chinese culture. Until the Heian period (894), japan stop to send the people to china learning culture, also in Edo period (1633) locked their country and not allow the people get in, that time, japan have develop their own Japanese style culture. After the Meiji Restoration, japan open their country again, in this time, Japan start to get much information of the world, westernization in a fast way. But the traditional culture must getting change because the whole country are live under the western culture, not just in the citizen mind, the city building style also change to western, that affect to the poor people have a big change ...view middle of the document...

In 1980, the Gundam and some robot anime were improving the place of anime in Japan also start to get into the oversea market. From 1990 to now, much and much people were focus on the japan anime, ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Sailormoon’ and ‘Pokemon’ are the most affect the oversea people anime, in North America, that were hot in any time.

Kesten (2005) pointed out after the Miyazaki Hayao “Spirited Away” take the 75th Oscars Academy Awards, japan anime is become famous in North America. After the anime become popular in the world, the reason we know how it develop so fast is the electronic game, many children who are born after 90’s, they were growing up with the electronic product, such as PlayStation, Gameboy, Xbox… In North America, Pokémon were started from the anime on the television, develop to comics, video game, card game, doll toys and the figure. Even some people said ‘in today, anime is just for promotion to their product.’

Overview, much of the Japanese Anime is not for child, that why those not call ‘cartoon’, also their target audiences are the teenagers and adults. In the anime, you can see the love, trust, and relationship of the characters, but if you need to know all the things about it, you must have the basic knowledge about the Japanese culture. For Example, America thinks the world should be equal even on the television. But in Japanese, good character may have much different face, such angle or evil in one body. Sakura (Cherry blossoms) is a good example to explain the anime girl is beautiful, because they only have a short time. Heroism in America cartoons is the simple, but in Japanese anime will not always happen, the main character will not survive after they help the world or some people, that make the anime more reality. Also they will use the background to talk the information of the story, for example a girl on a street that are blooming the Sakura tree, and you will that is spring, maybe that is the culture different, in most of the Asia countries, the four season are more easy to know, but in some western countries are may only have two or three season only.

Electronic games include television games and computer game, application in our phone etc. In 2002, Japanese video game has make up the 50% of the global market that were leading the whole market in the world. But in 2010, the Japanese video game decrease to only 10% left, that were few reason to explain why this happen, first, the economic recession was making the global market decrease, much of the company were shutdown when this happen. Second, because of the Japanese people want to show and improve their own culture, and escape from the America or western countries culture, the different between of the people interest, and their culture is different, that may hard to know what all the people love. Third, the America comics and anime, also the game is start to make more people to know, such as the ‘Iron Man’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Thor’ etc. The Marvels hero...

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