Japanese Culture: In A League Of Its Own

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Japan has a distinct identity that was embedded in the roots of some of the earliest ancestry of the people which consists of their language, dress, education, and religion which give Japan a very rich culture. Japan, like most other civilizations, developed a language which is known today as Japanese. There are about 2,000 characters, as well as tens of thousands western loan-words, mostly from English, in the basic vocabulary of Japanese today. Japanese is the language of Japan, and Japan alone making it a strong force which unifies the culture of Japan. Their language brings unity because it identifies them as a certain group of people with their own way of communication evident in their ...view middle of the document...

Hara-kiri is a ritual where a family member who has brought disgrace to the family name attempts to restore honor by committing suicide through disembowelment with the entire family in attendance. In Japan the education for children goes all the way up to junior high school, and then can be finished in three years of secondary school which ninety-four percent of all students attend. For the unlucky few who are unable to pass the test to allow them into secondary school, hara-kiri may be in order if the family is old-fashioned. This shows how education puts the Japanese culture on a path that strives for success in life, and makes it an important note that demonstrates the reasons that Japanese culture is in fact a culture.Education is valued and puts everyone in the Japanese culture on the same page, but another culturally significant point is the religion of the Japanese. Shinto is the official religion in Japan and accounts for eighty-four percent of all the religions in Japan. Shinto...

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