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Japanese Research Project Essay

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- Festivals:
- A lot of festivals in Japan are traditionally mainly Chinese's and other world-wide
- festivals.
- Allot of the festivals are traditional and are changed to assemble something like the traditional
- festival.
- Unlike a lot of the world Japan don’t celebrate Luna new years eve because it was a westerners tradition on the January 1st but many Chines residents in Japan celebrate New years eve.
- Festivals are usually based on a main festival and most festivals have food stalls, entertainment, and activities to keep you busy.
- One of the main festivals in cherry blossom festival where they hang up thousand of lanterns with cherry blossoms pictures drawn all over ...view middle of the document...

- Mount Fuji is the highest Mountain at 3,776 metres above sea level and it is mainly an active volcano Mt Fiji is located at Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan.
- Throughout the whole of Japan there s 1,500 earthquakes every year most of them being minor earthquakes.
- Due to the gases produced the environment sometimes produces acid rain which is rain with gases inside and it kills the plants.
- The largest river of fresh water is located in the lake in the north east of Kyoto within expanding for a total a which is about 670km squared.
- School life:
- All universities throughout Japan you require to have an exam before entry and most high schools and some middle schools have an exam before entry but if you are filthy rich it doesn’t matter you can pay extra and get into many high schools.
- Students who fail they exams to entry high school and university not primary school can enter a prep-schools to help them get into there choices of high schools.
- Some schools throughout Japan make you wear your school uniform every wear off or on campus even on the weekends.
- If you go to public school you usually go to school in your local district because many people in Japan don’t have cars.
- The only type of locker Japanese have are for there shoes because they walk to school in there casual shoes and when at school they...

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