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Japanimation (Japanese animation) is becoming one of Japan's most popular exports to the world; it has become a growing phenomenon in the US. Anime has attracted hordes of fans in many countries; the artistic detail, and the intriguing and the outrageous storylines are causing fans to be addicted. College fan clubs, societies, and the Internet have popularized anime (derived from a French word, but is used in Japan to describe animation) to the point of conventions being held all over the world. Anime ratings range from “G” to “NC-17.” These ratings only exist when they are imported into the US, as in Japan their rating system is different. The Japanese air shows on television that contains a lot of violence and nudity in it. On American television, extreme violence and nudity is prohibited for children, especially if the show is animated. Some animes are cute and are made specifically for children; then there are animes that are for teenagers that have romance, love, and everyday situations that teenagers go through. The most gruesome kind of anime consists of bloodshed, violence, nudity, sex, and bad language. Ding said, "Well first of all, when you have Saturday morning cartoons on channel twenty and fifty, people thirst for good animation and something different. Anime is just that, Americans have never seen or even thought of extreme violence, nudity, or cussing in cartoons. Since the Japanese don't think that nudity in cartoons is lewd, no one in Japan cares if they see someone naked popping up on the screen" (G. Ding, personal communication, November 2, 2000).

Borshansky stated, "American cartoon culture finally got tired of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. They wanted some depth to cartoons, compelling storylines and an entertaining experience. American cartoon animation is geared toward little children, not teenagers or adults. This lack caused a movement toward Japanese animation, which had the elements and the storyline of a real drama even though the subject matter may be fictional" (M. Borshansky, personal communication, November 2, 2000).

The appearance of anime characters varies depending on the type of anime a person is watching. The characters can have incredibly cute appearances or a dark and mysterious look. Female characters sometime appear nude and most of the time they wear skimpy clothes that show off their “features.” They can be cute, smart, innocent, strong, aggressive, and most of all seductive. Male characters can be cute, gullibly, aggressive, as well as cunning. Their body structure normally has exceedingly accentuated muscle lines; they are strong and can possess super natural powers.

The part of anime that most fascinates me is the storyline. There are more than one thousand different Animes out there and every one has a different storyline. Ranging for pocket monsters (Pokémon) to global apocalypse (Evangelion) to sex changes (Ranma 1/2). Each one of them has its own significance and...

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