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Jargon. Essay

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WHAT IS IN YOUR COMPUTER? My current operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional. I was running a dual boot with Linux but I had too many problems. Windows XP is supposed to pretty much be the future of operating systems (until they come out with a newer and improved version.) Some of the features it offers include an Enhanced device driver verifier, dramatically reduced reboot scenarios, improved code protection, side-by-side DLL support; windows file protection, and a preemptive multitasking architecture. And that's just to name a few. One other feature I really like is that you can use the Windows 2000 classic interface, which makes it great if you had Windows 2000 before. Overall, it was a big step up from older Windows versions, in terms of graphical appeal and performance. The interface looks current and modernized and it stands out. Windows XP also adapts to the way each individual works with a redesigned start menu that shows your most frequently used applications first. Another feature that XP includes is, when you're working on multiple files in the same application, the minimized windows are consolidated into one single taskbar button, which makes it really convenient when you're working on a lot of applications at once. To put it all in perspective, Windows XP offers a lot of features that other operating systems don't. While researching my motherboard, I discovered all the specifications and features it offers. I looked at numerous reviews on it also, and they all seemed to rate this board pretty high. My motherboard is an Intel 850 chipset and it offers some of the following features: it has a 400 MHz system bus, dual RDRAM capability with room for up to 2 GB's of RAM, dual USB controllers for four ports which doubles the bandwidth at 24 Mbps, and an AC'97 controller which makes for some really great sound with up to six channels for full surround-sound capability. I also called Dell's customer support number and the guy there gave me some more information on my motherboard. He told me that it had: 8 DMA channels, a 100MHz system clock data rate, 5 PCI slots, a 64 bit data bus width, and a 32 bit address bus width. The guy also had nothing but good things to say about the Intel 850 chipset. He said it was a very popular board and that it just came out in the last couple of years. So, hopefully my motherboard won't get outdated for a while.After discovering I didn't have a screwdriver anywhere in my house, I called up Dell's customer support in search of the manufacturer of my BIOS chip. After my typical thirty minutes on hold, I finally got through to someone. During the conversation, he told me that I had a Pheonix-A00 BIOS chip (referred to by them as a 1 page BIOS chip.) installed in my system. He also gave me the following information: He said it had an optional boot diagnostics menu and it was a flashable BIOS. This was definitely useful information, but it wasn't worth the 30 min wait. I...

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687 words - 3 pages don't seem to care or "we criticize because we care". In every culture is usually correct to be able to say exactly what you want to your family member even if it is hurtful.Doublespeak is another way people communicate. One of the types of doublespeak is that of jargon usually used by groups to communicate with each other clearly and efficiently. Lawyers, Plumbers, Pilots all have their own jargon that they use with their groups to make their

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