"Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle Of The Gulf War And Other Battles" By Anthony Swofford Book Review

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It starts off with Anthony Swofford a Marine in his basement looking over his relics from his action days, his garments, maps, and other memorabilia. He reflects back upon the time he was a soldier and stationed at a base in California. His platoon gets the news about the conflict in Iraq, and the problem with the oil. They are told they will be deployed soon so they rent a bunch of war movies and get drunk to ready themselves for war.He reflects upon the time he served in the Philippines, he recalls the behavior of himself and the other soldiers and compares it to what their new mission may be like. He often switches back to periods in his life; he talks about the death of his platoon mate and how he was killed in a car accident while on leave and the tragedy of it, he talks about his family and their history in being warriors, how he knew from his young age he wanted to be a marine and his USMC shirt his mom made him, the time when he was able to become a marine but his father would not sign and they got into a fist fight and along with all the other problems he had with his wife left them, and also the lives of his fellow platoon mates.He explains his time in the Gulf war and the horrible things that happened. His girlfriend cheated on him, his mom got remarried, he almost committed suicide, and he held a gun to a fellow marines head. Being a jarhead was tough but he survived like everyone else and was finally put into STA, which is a sniper group. He loved his rifle because it was what he was taught. After being in the desert for a couple of months just preparing the call finally came that they were going to advance. While they were digging bunkers one day missiles started to drop around them. Their biggest fear was gas but it was never used. Once the fighting started the only action he got was being fired upon. Once they invaded the city the war ended a few days after. He remembers the faces of the dead enemy. He ends by saying you are always a part of this life and it will never leave you, you live a soldier.This memoir by Anthony Swofford illustrates his life and what it means to be a marine, the effects of war on a soldier, and about the Gulf War. He depicts all aspects of life as a Marine. Swofford is giving a brutally honest portrayal of war. He deeply examines the feelings of Marines in the Gulf War, and reveals that whether or not it was a just cause, and no matter the length, that it was still a war. Swofford makes this book a tribute for the U.S. Marines of Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoon, Second Battalion, Seventh Marines, which he was a part of.Swofford on multiple occasions will go in depth on his feelings and also the mind-set of his fellow marines. He talks about how once he held his gun to his head in a suicide attempt as other marines had done.(pg 71) He had just learned his girlfriend cheated on him and the loneliness of being where he was got to him. He explains the feelings of loneliness, fear, tedium, and...

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