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Java Dynamic Race Detector Essay

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1. Introduction

2. Overview of Related Work and Literature Survey

2.1. Work Based on Lamport’s happens-before relation

2.2. Work Done by Stefan Savage et al.

3. Work Done in This Project

3.1. Features of JDRD

3.1.1 Configuring JDRD

3.1.2 Running JDRD as Java agent

3.1.3 Modifying a jar file to test with JDRD

3.2. Implementation details of JDRD

3.3. Testing & Interpretation of Results

4. Conclusions and Future Work


Appendix A: Requirements Specification Document

1. Introduction

2. Requirements

2.1. Requirement 1. Usage

2.2. Requirement 2. Algorithm

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Multithreaded programming is a very common way of programming to be used in order to solve problems which requires a long time to be solved, handle multiple requests from clients on the server side at the same time in order to provide responsive services, handle operations and user events in order to provide responsive GUIs etc. However, design and implementation of multithreaded software is rather difficult and open to errors. There are several types of errors such as deadlocks, livelocks, starvation where mostly the main reason for all of these problems is the data race problem, of which JDRD will address for software developed in Java programming language.

Race conditions are very common in multithreaded programming where a shared data is accessed by at least two concurrent threads where at least one of the threads performs a write operation and there is no explicit locking mechanism for that variable. Race conditions can cause inconsistencies on shared data, and the result may not be as intended. Figure 1 shows a race condition where output of the running code is not as expected. As a result of the execution of Thread 1 and Thread 2 the Integer value is expected to be 2 but the result is 1.

Figure 1: A simple race condition [1]

Data races can be solved by changing the algorithm, changing the way data is shared or synchronizing the accesses on shared data using locks which is not the topic of this project but, in order to solve problems caused by race conditions firstly developers must detect them. For an example like in Figure 1 this is not difficult but considering more complex software, detection of data races by human eye might be nearly impossible. There are several static and dynamic approaches to detect data races. Static detection methods are based on processing the source code before compile time where dynamic detection techniques depend on the execution of the program.

Since dynamic race detection work on runtime there should be some helper methods to be called in order to notify the detection tool where locks are acquired and released or where shared variables are accessed. Inserting these helper methods in the code for testing and then removing them is not effective. Developers can skip a method call or can call a wrong methods, inserting these helper methods by hand can introduce some other bugs or maybe developers don’t have access to the source code at the moment. Therefore, adding calls to these helper methods programmatically is more effective. For this purpose instrumentation with ASM [3] will be used in JDRD.

Race detection algorithm to be implemented in JDRD is the Lockset Algorithm introduced in Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multithreaded Programs by Stefan Savage et al.[2]

2. Overview of Related Work and Literature Survey

2.1. Work Based on Lamport’s happens-before relation

Most of the work before the...

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