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Java The Hut Simulation Paper

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Java the Hut is located centrally in a town very similar to New Paltz, and as a result, we really tried to appeal to our base of customers by offering a very comfortable and friendly environment. Our main focus was our employees, because if we keep them happy, then they will be more willing to help our customers when they have issues. When your base of customers increases and you have employees that work long hours, more shifts, it will result in a decrease in customer satisfaction. When you hire more employees and give all of them good training, you are able to get a group of people who truly care about the brand, its customers, and each other. This is what we did here at Java the Hut ...view middle of the document...

It turns out surprisingly, that a lot of customers are willing to pay full price for our high quality organic coffee and baked treats.
With Java the Hut consistently growing, in terms of employees, customers, and sales of products, we want to look forward to our future. We hope to expand Java the Hut by reaching another small town such as Rosendale, which would require another investment of $25,000. As you can see, the initial $25,000 really helped us to grow our business to the point where it is now and we are currently the second best coffee shop when compared to our competitors. We have a brand to protect and an image to live up to, and we work hard every day for our customers to provide them with the best possible experience in our store.
Our partnership consists of three people and each of us made key decisions to get Java the Hut to where it is today. While our team was in the forming stage, we discovered that one of our group members was not involved in as many decisions as we had thought. We truly looked for an explanation as to why this was, and thought it was groupthink at first. We thought that if two of us agreed with something, the other would have to go along with it. However, we soon realized that it was just the group dynamics that was preventing the third person from working with our group. That person just didn’t have the same passion, drive, and dedication to Java the Hut that the other two partners had. Ultimately, we learned the struggles and benefits of working together to create and operate a business. This became clear to us when we began working together to make some of the special decisions, especially when each of our group members had differing opinions of what would be the right course of action to take. I think that this was one of...

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