"Jaws" The Movie And Its Effects.

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Fins and FearsThe first movie that made an incredible impact on my life would have to be any of the Jaws thrillers. This movie depicts a great white shark as an evil demon out for blood and gore. Many innocent trips into the ocean turned fatal. And the director, Steven Spielberg, managed to come up with four movies with numerous ways a shark can attack. One movie in the series that sticks out vividly would have to be Jaws: The Return (directed by Joseph Sargent). It was right around the time I was eight years old. I had more nightmares about this movie than I can count. To this day I have an unbelievable fear of any body of water other than pools. This fear has stretched to my fear of bridges crossing over water. This movie was a plausible, well-directed film to the point that even viewing the movie today I still become frightened. Regardless of how old this movie becomes I believe it can scar a child for life if he/she watches it at a young age, such as myself. And I regret ever sneaking behind my parents' back to watch this movie. My young rebellious action has caused a phobia that will never cease. There are many scenes I can never forget and everyday I go to the beach or lake I will experience flashbacks of the movie in my mind, warning me to stay away from the water.In Jaws: The Return Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) is convinced that the same kind of shark that attacked her husband and kids in the past is out to finish her family off in this third sequel to the 1975 Steven Spielberg classic. When her youngest son, now taking over for his father as sheriff of Amity Island, is killed by a shark while investigating wreckage in Amity Harbor on Christmas Eve, Ellen Brody escapes with her other son Mike (Lance Guest) for the Bahamas, and meets up with a congenial local airplane pilot (Michael Caine). Unfortunately the beast of a shark seems to follow this family to the Bahamas and cause panic and terror around the island. I was deeply terrified by the shore attack. An innocent child is on a water raft and out of nowhere, close to shore, the bloodthirsty great white shark attacks. I can't even wade in knee deep water with out fear that I might be attacked. This movie has been reviewed as the worst of all three and that may be true, but just the impression it implanted in my young mind has now grown into a "characteristic" fear or trait. I have grown up with this fear for so long it just seems like...

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