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Jc Argument Essay

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In the following scene, Caesar is set to receive his crown. The night before, Calpurnia sees bad omens, and hopes that Caesar will stay home. On the other hand, the conspirators are planning the assassination of Caesar at the Capitol, and they need him there to receive his fate. Knowing Caesar well, Decius urges Caesar to go to the Capitol and receive his crown. Using various rhetorical devices, Calpurnia attempts to urge Caesar to stay home, while Decius tries to get Caesar to the Capitol.
Calpurnia attempts to scare Caesar into staying at the house instead of going to the Capitol. She begins with ethos to establish her credibility and justify her concerns. Calpurnia “never stood on ...view middle of the document...

She uses repetition in “I do fear them” to further convince Caesar of her side of the argument. Calpurnia’s argument fails to impact Caesar, as Calpurnia has argued with tactics that would scare her. Caesar is a man of war, so he is not afraid of war or physical harm. Caesar claims that he is greater than danger, that danger cannot affect him.
Continuing with her argument, Calpurnia changes to logos to try and convince Caesar with logical reason. With selection of detail, Calpurnia uses the common belief that “when beggars die, there are no comets seen.” Calpurnia has seen comets, which are rare occurrences that mark the death of a powerful person, they do not just mark the death of a beggar in the street; therefore, Caesar should be convinced that going to the Capitol is a bad idea. Again with “the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of/ Princes,” Calpurnia uses selection of detail to convince Caesar that he should be convinced to stay away from the Capitol because the comets have indicated the death of a ‘prince’. Caesar’s wife is using the word ‘my’ to appeal strongly to Caesar in “call it my fear” as a last ditch effort to convince Caesar that her argument is valid. After using logos, Calpurnia switches back to pathos in her final stand to win over Caesar. Calpurnia begs “upon [her] knee,” giving an image that connotes to Caesar that she is desperate. Calpurnia is scared, and she wants to appeal to Caesar as desperate so he will finally listen to her. Caesar’s wife also attempts to change Caesar’s attitude, as she knows that his “wisdom is consumed in confidence.” Calpurnia knows that Caesar will make the right choice on the inside. The second part of Calpurnia’s argument has a positive affect on Caesar, as he decides to stay home. Because she uses logos, something that appeals and works on Caesar, she wins the argument.
Decius wants Caesar to go to the Capitol, where he will eventually be assassinated. Using word choice, Decius chooses misinterpreted instead of wrong in “this dream is all amiss interpreted.” He does not want to offend Caesar and Calpurnia by stating that they wrongly did something. Instead of stating” she saw my statue…did run pure blood,” Decius uses “your statue spouting...

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