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JD Salinger is a defining American author that has an incredibly distinctive writing style. The elements of conflict and plot, the choice of theme, and the mood and tone of Franny and Zooey and Catcher in the Rye are extremely similar. The young man, Holden, from Catcher in the Rye and Franny from Franny and Zooey follow a similar plot that defines their personalities and especially their outlook on life. As well, the message in both books were comparable as they both had to do with respecting people and letting them live their lives in the way they choose. Finally, the moods of the books are incredibly similar. To conclude, there are evident parallels between the works of JD Salinger.
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To summarize, Salinger chooses similar plot and conflicts in his novels.
As well, the characters have very similar mindsets. They both put themselves far above other people. With short and distinctive thoughts like “People never notice anything” (Salinger 59), the reader can easily tell that the main character feels that others are of a lower intellect class than them. To add, they all are incredibly smart people. Franny, Zooey, Buddy and the rest of their family are geniuses; they were even on a game show called “It’s a Wise Child” where they asked questions that people suggest. Furthermore, they all have suffered some kind of loss. Franny lost her older brother, Seymore who committed suicide. On the other hand, Allie died of a fatal disease; he was Holden’s brother who he absolutely adored. This clearly deeply affected the two of them and it is difficult for the two of them to confront this. Finally, the characters have somewhat strange relationships with their family. Holden talks to his sister named Phoebe like an adult, frequently cursing and speaking to her frankly. As well, Zooey speaks to his mom, Bessie, as if she is a child; he says things comparable to “Go away Bessie. Leave me in peace. Why don’t you go for a nice elevator ride? You’re going to burn your fingers, incidentally, if you don’t put down the goddamn cigarette.” (Salinger 106) To close, the persons in the two stories are comparable in their traits.
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