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Jean Watson's Caritas Process In Gerontology

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Watsons Caritas Process In Gerontology

Due to the growing issue dealing with the aging baby boomers generation, gerontology has been brought into immediate attention in the health care system. We are still learning and discovering about the anonymities behind the aging processes. Aging and death is a normal stage of life, even though there is an increase in technology and knowledge that would lengthen your existence, bringing the body back to youth is not possible. As one ages it is very common for one to go through physical, psychological and mental degeneration of the body. In the gerontological setting, it is important for nurses to commit to caring and providing a good quality of life. This is done by providing a dignified death instead of simply sustaining life. In order to make this happen it is important to incorporate Jean Watson’s caritas processes into the care plan. By providing good person to person care a nurse can improve the quality of life of patients and their family members. This paper will focus on the use of caritas process number 9 in the gerontological setting to develop a healing relationship with my client, use of professional knowledge needed to assist my client in his/her needs, a nursing action that helped my client’s needs and the difference the care made to my clients healing. In the gerontological setting, “spirituality must be considered a significant factor in understanding healthy aging” (Touhy, Jett, Boscart, & McCleary, october 2011, p. 98). Gerontological nurses have to put spirituality of an older adult in priority, because as you age spirituality is very important to them and it is source of hope and helps them in adaptation of their illness. Findings of a Canadian community health survey indicate that “spirituality is more important in lives of older Canadians than in lives of younger Canadians” (Touhy et al., october 2011, p. 98). In order to create a healing relationship and to learn what’s important to my clients healing process I have to incorporate Watson’s caritas processes into my care. The use of caritas no.9 “Assisting with gratification of Basic Human Needs, while preserving human dignity and wholeness” and being knowledgeable and respectable towards the rites and rituals of different religious cultures beliefs and values will help me provide professional care to my client (Touhy et al., october 2011, p. 98).

Nurses should have enough knowledge to assist their clients in there healing process.
I was assigned a client who was right leg below the knee amputee; he had just lost his leg recently. I was able to get very close to my client and know lots about him, as I was talking to him I understood that he was depressed and had negative body image concept due to his leg. The knowledge I gained from gerontological nursing about loss and grieving helped me understand what he was going through. Accordingly, I was able to act and understand that he was grieving due to the loss of his leg....

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