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Jee Bezos Leadership Style Essay

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Leadership and organizational behaviourAssignment 1, Briefing sheet, January 2013Jeffrey P.Bezos : An entrepreneur leaderJeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and from an early age he showed his mechanical attitude developing intense and varied scientific interests. This is why his parents send him in a special program for gifted children where Jeff could nature his love about gadgets (Byers, 2006,).When his family moved to Florida, he discovered his 'great passion', computers so he left his studies on Physics and got a degree on Computer science and electrical engineering (Sherman, 2001)After his studies, Jeff Bezos started to work for Bankers Trust and at the age of 26 he became the youngest Vice President for the company (Byers, 2006).When he noticed in 1994 that internet usage was increasing by 2300% a year (Hamalainen & Saarinen, 2007) he started to plan his next step, Amazon.He started Amazon in 1995 with 3 micro stations in his garage (Robinson, 2009) by selling books and today is one of the most preferable internet retail platform where customers can find Dvd's, CD's, MP3 downloads, Books and toys. According to Economist (2000) is the most visited internet retail platform in USA and one on top 3 in Germany, UK, France and Japan.The impact of is today the largest electronic retail on world (Financial Times, December, 2011) and according to J. Bezos (Wired Magazine, December, 2011) Amazon is a cultural pioneer who lives to disrupt even its business. It is now recognized by 55% of conscious population and it is part of our today's culture (Spector, 2002, p20). The company spends almost 40% of their incomes on brand building (Margolis, 1999) and that's why is a trustable and a well-known brand name (Economist, 2000, Marketing, 1999). 70,000 people works today for Amazon and the company turns over 48 billion a year (The Telegraph, October, 2012) launched in November of 2007 Kindle E-book reader (Clark D., Goodwin S., Samuelson) and as Bezos puts it "Millions of people owns now Kindles" (Information Week, 2010). According to Gonsalves (Information Week, 2010) Amazon sells 6 Kindles titles for every 10 hard books and this strategic move increased profits up to 71%.Jeff Bezos vision about is to be the most customer-centric company in the world (Mellali-Johnson, 2000) and according to them the success key of the company is… innovation-innovation & innovation.J.Bezos approach to leading Amazon and his key factors that have contributed to his performance.He was named "Man of the year 1999" (Time Magazine, 1999) and "Business person of the year" (Fortune Magazine, 2012).Jeff Bezos is a visionary entrepreneur leader (Dyer, Gregersen, Christensen, December, 2009). According to Moment (2004) the essential traits of an effective entrepreneur is to be singular focus, self-driven, ambitious, achievement oriented, imaginative, independent and...

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