Jeeps A Way Of Life Since 1941

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The very first Jeep was created in 1941. This Jeep was known as the Military Bantam AKA the MB Jeep. The United States Department of War needed a new light, cross-country, reconnaissance vehicle. Therefore an American automobile company called Willy’s-Overland and Motors created the Army’s new vehicle. This vehicle was a 2.2L engine, 4 wheel-drive, 2-door, with a 3-speed manual transmission Jeep. The “Willy’s Jeep” another name for the MB was also a ¼ ton vehicle that was the top of the line military technology. Jeeps were essential to transportation of military soldiers and equipment to designated spots. With this amazing help of the Jeep, the army was getting to its peak in World War II. Jeeps grabbed my attention and interest because not only do I own one, but I believe the iconic history of Jeeps is amazing. It amazes me that this small vehicle can have such a huge impact on history as becoming the “World War II Vehicle”. Jeeps have inspired other similar ...view middle of the document...

Since Jeeps are one of the best off-road vehicles known to mankind, people love to show their love for the Jeep and be grateful for what World War II has brought to them. Jeep Fest in Dallas has a huge impact of all “Jeepers” in the state of Texas and neighboring states. Jeep Fest consist of Jeeps, “Jeepers”, and amazing sales of parts, history, and being able to test out Jeeps. MB’s are a popular Jeep to test at Jeep Fest. Jeeps are a sport vehicle. Jeeping isn’t a sport but many people consider it to be. From 1941 to the current day in 2014, many Jeeps have been created. Adding on to the rich history of Jeep, Jeeps were also put into movies. Kelly’s Hero’s was a popular WWII movie that involved the fighting and battles of the war, including the driving and usage of the majestic Jeep. This movie is a great example of how Jeeps were used in the 1940’s and mid 1940’s. Another movie more popular in this generation would be Jurassic Park. The transportation of the spotting vehicles and staff vehicles were 1992 Jeep Wranglers. These were considered YJ’s. This model began in 1987 and ended in 1995. Since there are so many Jeep enthusiasts in the world, there are millions of Jeep related books. The 1941 MB Jeep definitely did start a legacy. One major book is Jeeps at War. This child and parent friendly book shows the culture related to Jeeps and World War II. The Walter P. Chrysler Museum is an astonishing museum with the relative history of Jeeps and the other Chrysler inventions. Major information of Jeeps is on certain web pages such as,,, and These internet websites are the main primary sources all Jeepers should get their history from. From 1941 through 1945 during the War, Jeeps began a rich history and started a worldwide legacy. Jeeps are a way of life. With Jeeps being military purpose, and eventually evolving into civilian Jeeps, the recreation and productivity increased. With the great invention from World War II and the usage of the Jeep now, Jeeps are very successful. Jeeps are great to our society with their rich history and importance from World War II.

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