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Jeet Kune Do Essay

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Jeet Kune Do is a Cantonese word which literally translates as “the way of the intercepting fist. The term was first coined by Bruce Lee in 1967 to describe his way of practicing martial art and the philosophy behind it. The philosophy behind the fighting style was one of the reasons why he struggled to put a name to his martial arts because in that way he would have conformed something that he believed should not be conformed. The name however, kept being used after his death

Jeet Kune Do is believe to have come from Wing Chun, a cHinese martial art method that Bruce lee had studies and came to America with. Wing Chun is an empty ...view middle of the document...

Present Day
Bruce Lee died in 1973 and since then Jeet Kune DO has evolved into two variations: the original JKD promoted as the style that Lee practiced and JKD hybrid, which uses other concepts and techniques from other disciplines whilst applying the philosophy and principles of Lee’d Jeet Kune Do.
Every student of Jeet Kune Do, regardless of where he learns it will be aware that the martial art form is built on the precepts of self knowledge, perpetual development and the ability to adopt ideas when they work and discard those that stop working. Today, there are few people who can still claim that they know Jeet Kune Do as Bruce Lee knew it and studied of those few people, Dan Inosanto is considered to be the foremost expect as he was the first student that Lee had and the one he tasked with teaching his style to others. Over the years he himself has evolved in martial arts and is a well known proponent of Thai style martial arts. He still teaches Jeet Kune Do but as Lee intended it is the kind that has continued to evolve, testing and defying boundaries.

The story of how Bruce Lee came to to develop Jeet Kune Do is the stuff of legends. He was challenged by Kung Fu instructors for teaching non-Chinese students a Chinese martial art form. They sent Wong J. Man from Hong Kong with an ultimatum: to close the school of face the consequences of a beat-down. Lee met the challenge right there on the spot, fought Wong J. Man and dispensed with him in three minutes. Although he had won the match in three minutes he believed that if he had not given in to the...

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