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Jefferson Davis Essay

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Jefferson Davis was born on June 3, 1808 in a portion of christian county, Kentucky. His father was a Revolutionary soldier in 1776. Jefferson's three brothers, which are all older than him, fought in the War of 1812. As a boy Jefferson Davis recieved his academic education and then was sent to Transylvania University in Kentucky. He remained at the University until he was 16 years old.
During that year, the president appointed him to West Point military academy as a cadet. He graduated that academy at age 20. He was then assigned to the First Infantry and commissioned on the same day, bravet second- lieutenant. He fought in the Black- hawk war occurring in 1831. In one of the battles during the Black- hawk war they captured the chief of the blackhawk and Jefferson Davis was in charge of him. It is said that he was very kind and nice to the chief and cared well for him. In 1833, Lieutenant Davis was transferred to a new regiment called First Dragoons.
His sudden and surprising resignation occurred June 30, 1835. He then married Zachary Taylor's daughter. He then settled by Vicksburg and became a cotton planter. Here he pursued a life of retirement and study until 1843.
In 1844 he became an elector, which means they cast the vote for the electoral college. He became known as a popular speaker, and in December, 1845 was sent to congress. He then spoke at many places. In June, 1846, he resigned from his seat. He then became colonel of the 1st Mississippi rifles. He then led his men in many battles. His regiment was ordered home on the expiration of its term on May 17, 1847.
After that Jefferson Davis was appointed by President Polk as a brigadier general, but declined the commision saying it was unconstituitional.
he then was appointed by the governer of Mississippi to fill the vacancy in the U.S. Senate. One year later the senate elected him senator, and reelected him in 1850. He was made chairman of the senate comittees on military affairs. He was very active in the fugitive slave law and the other compromise measures of 1850. In 1852, Mr. Davis actively supported Franklin Pierce in the election, and when he won, Davis recieved the Portfolio of war in his cabinet. In 1857 Jefferson left his cabinet at the close of the president's term. That same year he entered the senate again. He opposed the French spoilation bill, and was in favor of the southern route for the railroad. Jefferson Davis was also very active in the senate with many other things. He was frequently...

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