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Biography: Jefferson Davis Essay

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My topic comes out during the civil war. The civil war was a battle between people who thought slavery was wrong and that blacks should be free and treated equally. The other side thought that blacks should not have rights and should be treated unfairly because of their race and color. Mostly the northern states were the states that believed their should be no slavery and the southern states thought there should be slavery so their agriculture would be easier. The stes that were for slavery were known as the Confederate sates which named the Confederate army. The states that were against slavery were known as the Union states which named the Union army. My topic is the Confederate army President, he is very well known and I found him interesting to learn about.
Jefferson Davis is known and recognized as the president of the Confederacy ("Jefferson Davis." Americana International Edition The Encyclopedia). I found Jefferson Davis to be very interesting. I had heard of him before but I wasn’t quite sure who he was. He is very popular and known mostly for his civil war occupation. In his early life Jefferson Davis was born into a religious family among ten other children. He was the baby of the family. His parent names were Samuel and Jane Cook Davis. ("Jefferson Davis." Americana International Edition, The Encyclopedia) Jefferson’s birth date is June 3, 1808. He was born in Christian County, Kentucky. His full name is Jefferson Finis Davis. Jefferson grew up believing that God had certain rankings of white people and colored people.
Jefferson grew up in a military based home due to the fact that his father and his uncles were soldiers in the American War. His grandfather was a public servant to the United States southern colonies and all of his brothers fought as soldiers in the War of 1812. Shortly after Jefferson Graduated West Point, he was ordered to the post of second lieutenant. While he was second lieutenant he participated in his first mission the Blackhawk War. They captured Chief Blackhawk and Davis took him into his care. Davis’s kind care and hospitality won over Blackhawk. It all led up to Davis being moved up to first lieutenant.
After years of service as first lieutenant Davis asked for his commanding officer Zachary Taylor’s sister’s hand in marriage. (Whitney, David C.) Sarah Knox Taylor agreed but the marriage went against her father’s wishes. Sarah Taylor died a few months after the wedding from Malaria. Afterwards Davis left the military and became a cotton farmer. Davis was preparing himself to get a career in politics. He was going to enter politics as a democrat. While he was in politics his speeches had power over the people and his speeches put him in a powerful position. Davis won the election to the United States House of Congress in 1845. He took a seat in congress. He caught the attention of more and more minors. Eventually he met and got married to Varina Howell as his second wife.
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