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Jeffrey Cox And Amanda Watson Drug Possession Case

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“On October 21, 2012 Sergeant William Butler and Officer Samantha Brown stopped a car in the 2000 block of East Street for failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian. In the course of the car stop it was determined the driver was Jeffery Cox. According to the DMV registration information, Mr. Cox owned the car. Sitting in the car front passenger seat was Amanda Watson. When the officers checked on any outstanding warrants on the occupants of the vehicle, they received a positive response on Ms. Watson. Police arrested her based on an outstanding arrest warrant for misdemeanor shoplifting. When Ms. Watson was ordered out of the vehicle to be handcuffed Sgt. Butler noticed a plastic bag of a substance he suspected to be crack cocaine lying on the front seat where Watson had been sitting. Incident to the arrest on the warrant, Sgt. Brown searched Ms. Watson and found $650 in small denomination bills but no devices with which to ingest crack cocaine.”
“The plastic bag recovered from the car seat contained seven separate plastic bags containing off-white material, which field-tested positive for crack cocaine. In light of the proximity of the bags of cocaine to Ms. Watson, she was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, a felony. As the owner and operator of the vehicle, Jeffery Cox was arrested and charged with the same felony. A search of his person after the arrest revealed $1,450 in cash and several small empty plastic bags with a powder residue that field-tested positive for cocaine.”
In order to understand how the criminal justice system will handle or process this crime it is imperative that one understands how the criminal justice system looks at procession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. According to a 2002 data collection, almost 25% of jail inmate’s most serious offense was a drug offense. In 2005, data was collected at state prison and approximately 20% of inmate’s were imprisoned for drug offenses (BJS) Many people say that our criminal justice system is weak and broken, but if you look at these number is shows that criminals are being held accountable for their wrong doings. “An arrest for possessing cocaine with intent to sell or is classified as criminal possession in the 3rd degree (Findlaw, 2014), a Class B felony punishable by 1 to 9 years in prison. Second time offenders may face up to 12 years in jail, and a previous violent offenders could face 15 years” (Perlmutter, 2014). It is very apparent that the criminal justice system enforces harsh punishments for drug related offenses.
After Ms. Watson was arrested and charge by the police officers for procession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, she would then be taken to the police station by the police officers. The police officers would have to make a case and present all of the facts and substantiated evidence to the prosecutor. The prosecutor would have to put all of the information together...

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