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As many people already know Jeffrey Dahmer as a crazy, weird, and psychotic person. Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most well-known serial killers in the history of the United States and people from the United States just don’t know him people from everywhere will recognize the name Jeffrey Dahmer. It is to be told that Mr. Jeffrey Dahmer had an average childhood as every other child did. Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21st, 1960 in West Allis, WI; his parents were Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer was a normal child growing up but it all started to change at the age of ten years old when his parents started to notice that he was starting to drift away from people and keep to himself. ...view middle of the document...

His grandmother gave him many opportunities to move in with her but while he was living with her she had noticed some unusual things that made he feel uncomfortable. The grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer finally had enough. After he was arrested for the second time of indecent exposure, she had no choice but to evict him out of her house. Right after he had gotten evicted from his grandmother’s house, he found an apartment right near his current job, the Ambrosia Chocolate factory. There were only two jobs that Jeffrey Dahmer has held his whole life that was in the Army and his latest job at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory.
There were many signs of risk factors of Jeffrey Dahmer as he was growing up that made his turning point noticeable at the age of ten. As he was growing up his parents noticed that he was not going out hangout with the neighborhood children he would rather keep to himself. He did not shared hobbies such as playing video games or paying sports outside as every other child did. Growing up Jeffrey Dahmer did not like to socialize with other people he kept to himself. In high school his father and mother started to have problems with their marriage which later resulted into a divorce of the two parents. The grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer had reported that “he continued his fascination with dead animals, dissecting dead squirrels in the basement and dissecting dead squirrels in the basement and dissolving them with chemicals.” This refers back to. Growing up during high school Jeffrey Dahmer’s father noticed that he had begun a drinking problem. The drinking problem he has established got him kicked out of the Army but to Jeffrey it really didn’t matter. Getting dismissed from the Army did not faze Jeffrey because it was his father’s idea for him to enlist. While living at his grandmother’s house right before he got evicted of her house his grandmother report that “finding disturbing things in her home, including a .357 magnum under his bed and having a male mannequin in his closet”. These two objects that she found in her house are some major risk factors that cause for his actions further down the road of his life. His finally strike with his grandmother was when he got arrested for the second time for indecent exposure. Jeffrey Dahmer had many signs and risk factors that could lead for him to become a serial killer that he is now known of.
Starting off Jeffrey Dahmer’s spree over a period of time, he had committed his first crime at the age of eighteen years old. When he first moved into his apartment he drugged and sexually assaulted a thirteen- year-old boy. When he was caught, he received five years of probation, a year of work release camp, and had to register as a sex offender. Soon after that, Jeffrey Dahmer had committed his first murder while his father was away on a business trip. The man he killed was a hick hiker named Steven Hicks. The way Jeffrey Dahmer persuaded Steven Hicks into to the car was telling him...

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