Jen Morrison And Debra Rathwell's Roles In The Entertainment Industry

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The Entertainment Industry is an expanding industry with numerous career opportunities especially for the quick learning students in today’s world. I chose to study the entertainment industry because I have always had a passion for it. I grew up with music always playing on the radio and if the radio was off, the television was tuned into some show. I know many people listen to music and watch television all the time, but there is so much more to this industry. Being so passionate has led me to studying specific things in the industry and learning the ins and outs of it, which is helping me to find a potential career. There are many people in the industry that I look up to and one person, who has made it in particular, is Debra Rathwell.
Debra Rathwell is the Senior VP for AEG Live. Rathwell oversees the active New York office of AEG along with being a force in national touring. Rathwell has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and her dedication inspires me. I know she is well respected in the industry and I think it is impressive that she books on average 800 shows every year. Being a woman in the music industry is a big challenge, but Rathwell proves to me and the world that being hard working will help prove yourself. The first step that really started Rathwell’s career was during her last year at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Rathwell was Harvey Glatt’s assistant and went on to work as Bass Clef Entertainment, which partnered on shows with Canada’s concert leaders. This introduced Rathwell to the industry and the rest was like a snowball effect, one job led to another. Another step Rathwell took in her career was pivotal was joining Donald Tarlton for 12 years at DKD. With DKD, Rathwell managed a staff of nearly 22 employees along with being involved with more than 300 concerts every year. Rathwell then worked for Metropolitan Entertainment as executive VP until Clear Channel Entertainment bought it out. The last and biggest step Rathwell took was opening a New York office with Mitch Slater, the CEO of AEG Live. Rathwell and Slater have grown this company and they now operate from Canada down to the Carolina’s. After researching Rathwell, I’ve learned that it is imperative to be persistent in following your dreams and being dedicated to your work. It would be a dream to have the career Rathwell has and I know to value my education and work hard at my goals because if I am determined and dedicated, I will accomplish anything I set out for.
I interviewed Jen Morrison who is the Manager of Music and Social Marketing at CMT in Nashville. Although Rathwell and Morrison have different careers, both are appealing to me and I look up to both women as hardworking and successful ladies in the music business industry. For now, I would like to do something more like Morrison but Rathwell is who I would like to be once I have more industry experience. Morrison works with both the music strategy department and the...

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