Jerry And His Music, The Story Of Jerry Garcia's Life Before The Greatful Dead.

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Jerry and His Music "Why would the universe go through the trouble of evolving consciousness? If it wanted life that would succeed, just to create the most effective living thing, it could have stopped at bacteria. Or it could have stopped at vertebrates or sharks. But consciousness goes a quantum step further than just life. It might be that consciousness is the whole reason there is a universe. There might not be a universe apart from consciousness. And who knows what it's like elsewhere in the universe? Local realities change enough, locally, that those Hindu guys can walk through huge, blazing fires and not get burned. It's got to be that consciousness modulates reality. Besides, the truth can't only be here, or you could stare at your toes and figure it all out." (-Jerry Garcia) Contrary to what most people might think Jerry Garcia was a vary smart and artistic person with many strange ideas of his own. I'm going to tell you a quick story of his life and some thing that happened on his way to stardom. Jerome John Garcia was born August 1, 1942 to a Joe and Bobbie Garcia. Jerry was named after Jerome Kern, who was Bobbie's favorite composer. The first time he ever herd recorded music was about the age of four when he discovered an old phonograph and some one sided records, of his grandpas, in the attic. He listened to songs like "Sweet Betsy from Pike" all the time, it was like "a compulsion almost," he seed. Later at the age of five while his family was on vacation in Northern California, his father drowned during a fishing accident. That was very hard on jerry, and eventually ruined his relationship with his mother. A few months before his fathers death Jerry had a terrible loss. He didn't know at the time, but it would later prove to be a career deciding accident. He was out helping his brother Tiff cut some fire wood. It seams that his right hand got in the way of the axe. Jerry didn't know what happened, but he sure knew his hand hurt. After a rush to the hospital and a few weeks, the last bandage finally fell of in the bath tub. This is when he finally found out what had happened. He had lost the top two knuckles of his right middle finger. As a kid Jerry was a member of the Corpus Christi Church, and a strong Roman Catholic. He lived most of his child hood with his grandmother Tillie Clifford. His grandma was one of the first women he ever respected. She took her husband to court for assault. She lost, but being of high standing in the community, she made sure that the judge was never elected again. Jerry developed a horrible case of asthma. So much that he was bedridden a lot. That is when he developed his love for movies, comics and art. His favorite comic was Tales From the Crypt, and the first movies he ever saw in the theaters was Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. He started advancing in school and becoming quite an artist. He soon was put in the advanced luring program, and...

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