Analysis Of T.J. Stiles´ Jesse James: Last Rebel Of The Civil War

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In the biography, “Jessie James: Last Rebel of the Civil War,” written by T.J. Stiles was about a man named Jesse James who spent most of his life participating in criminal activity. He was born on September 5th, 1847 and was a criminal of the Old West along with his brother, Frank James. The James brothers served in the Confederate Army before creating their gang called “The James-Younger Gang” which symbolized them as bank and train robbers. As time went on, more people were added to this gang including a man named Robert Ford who killed Jesse in 1882. With a bullet to the back of the head, Jesse James became a legend in the Old West. The most important concept in this book is how Jesse became the legend that he is. This book would be most favorable towards history on the Civil War lovers like the author himself. The author, who studied the 19th century mostly around the Civil War, was interested in the well-known man, Jesse James and his story.

This book tells who Jesse James was and what impact he had in history as a criminal. The author gives the understanding of how Jesse was not just a small part of what was going on back then and that shouldn’t be portrayed as an underestimated political figure. Looking back at the early life of Jesse, the way he lived and the type of family he had been around played had a big impact on him and his brothers’ devious and sneaky minds. Both of the James boys had to deal with daily struggles during the Civil War in Missouri. Throughout the course of the book, Jesse’s years as a criminal are greatly explained. He is described as a present day terrorist by the author.

To tell about the life of Jesse James, T.J Stiles used multiple sources to describe and detail the facts that he used. The different sources used by the author helped bring the idea of how Jesse became the man he was into the story well. The facts supporting this book are mostly based on news and records of the Civil War. This book also includes more then 69 pages of notes in the back of the book. The author is fascinated by Jesse James and admires him when he write, but at times he is very...

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