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Jesus Essay

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One of the most important religions of our world is Christianity. There are Christians in nearly every country in the world. Christianity's origins are traced back to one man, Jesus of Nazareth, and his followers, a ragtag bunch of fishermen, tax collectors and others.Jesus was born in Judea. He was of the lineage of David, his father was Joseph and his mother was Mary .The family lived in Nazareth. His childhood was spent in the midst of poverty. His first triumph was the debate with the Jewish priests in the Temple of Jerusalem. In his thirteenth year he was baptized by his cousin John-later he was called John "the Baptist"- in the River Jordan. John believed and treated him as the Messiah of Jews. For about three years thereafter, Jesus' career was a continuous course of preaching, healing the sick, "casting out devils," and teaching humility by parables and by his own example. According to Luke, since numerous masses began to believe in his teachings, the dominant groups of Jewish community accused him of blasphemy. They arrested him, tried him in the Temple of Jerusalem and sentenced him to death. They gave him to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of that region, to do the execution. The Roman governors also wanted him dead because the huge populations coming after him would have a large political and military power whether or not his teachings included politics and militarism. Whether the Romans or the Jews tried to get rid of him, the truth is: He died in agony by crucifixion.Believing he had a mission of saving humankind from sins, Jesus tried to teach the people to love God, and to be peaceful. His teachings and preaching mainly consisted of the following points: The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humanity.Forgiveness and love for enemies.Opposition to religious ceremonials.The approach of the end of the world.The resurrection of the dead and establishment of the kingdom of heaven.There are no texts about Jesus and his teachings from his time. The first records of him and his first few followers are written by Greeks in the period between 50 and 150 A.D. These writings are mainly composed of : Gospels, i.e., accounts of Jesus' life, the letters (Epistles), and historical narratives and visionary writings by his early disciples and their successors. Many versions of these texts were found. In time, Christian leaders gathered a consul and accepted four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; 21 Epistles; The Acts of Apostles; and one book of Revelation. Later, the book now known as our...

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Jesus Essay

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