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Jesus and Muhammad are both known as religious leaders who founded the largest religions in the world. Both men have affected humanity and laid down many principles to live by. Although they had the same "call of duty", they were definitely two different types of people. Jesus is said to be the Son of God, while Muhammad is a Messenger of God. Both Jesus and Muhammad are known for their methods in establishing and strengthening each respective religion. This paper will compare and contrast the lives and history of Jesus and Muhammad, describe how both men had deaths that had an impact on their respective religions, how each of the men are worshipped, and how their messages are being carried out today. Jesus was born around 2,000 years ago to a devout Jewess named Mary and her husband Joseph, a carpenter (Fisher, 2005, p.288). According to Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus was conceived by a miracle of the Holy Spirit while Mary was still a virgin. They also reported that Jesus was born in Bethlehem because the Roman emperor had decreed that all families register for a census in their ancestral hometowns. After making the journey to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph had to stay in a stable, because the inn was full. Jesus was born there in the stable among the animals. According to Luke, poor shepherds, who had been visited by angels carrying the news of the savior's birth, paid their respects to the new baby by bringing gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh, which confirmed his divine kingship. Not much is known about Jesus' life up until he was 30, except that he had always shown a close connection with God, and referred to Him as Abba, which translates to "Father" (Fisher, 2005, p.289). At the age of 30, Jesus went to John the Baptist and asked to be baptized. John did not want to perform the baptism because Jesus was believed to be sinless, but he performed it anywayImpact of the Death of Both Leaders on their Respective ReligionsThe death of Mohammed created considerable chaos in the Muslim world. This was mainly due to the fact that there was no heir apparent to fill the leadership vacuum. As a consequence, disagreements broke about between the Shia's and Sunni's. The Shia's believed that leadership belonged to Mohammed's direct descendants. The Sunni's on the other hand were of the opinion that the Caliphs should provide leadership. No compromise to this situation could be achieved so there was a serious split that exists to this day. After this initial period of confusion, Islam continued to proliferate growing over the years and being exported to far away lands such as India, Afghanistan, and The North & East African coast.The death of Jesus and more importantly the ascension claim, led to a cementing of the belief that Jesus was the son of God. His disciples took the message of Jesus to all corners of the Roman Empire and Christianity spread like wildfire. Despite an initial period where Christians were persecuted for about 300 years,...

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Jesus Essay

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Jesus Essay 1052 Words

1052 words - 4 pages Jesus and Muhammad are both known as religious leaders who founded the largest religions in the world. Both men have affected humanity and laid down many principles to live by. Although they had the same "call of duty", they were definitely two different types of people. Jesus is said to be the Son of God, while Muhammad is a Messenger of God. Both Jesus and Muhammad are known for their methods in establishing and strengthening each respective