Jesus And The Anorexic Suicidal Supermodels

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Jesus and the Anorexic Suicidal SupermodelsThe family unit is one of the most cherishedinstitutions of American society. Its function is one ofphilanthropy, to raise America's children in accordancewith our accepted norms and various proscriptions andprescriptions.However, rising teenage pregnancy and juvenile crimeseem to indicate that the American family is not doingthis. Many Americans insist that a family is capable ofproducing a productive citizen in every instance andbelieve that only a traditional family can do this.So the conclusion one might draw baring in mind thisparadigm is that the traditional one mom and one dadfamily needs help as a function. Any Pat Robertson-fearing Republican will tell you that Judeo-Christianethics are the foundation upon which the family is based,therefore to help the family why not foster thesereligious ideals? (And while we're at it, why not make acontribution to the two billion dollar tax-free ChristianBroadcasting Network?)The manifest function here of religion is to providepeople with a unifying belief that will scare kids intobehaving so they do not go to Hell. The latent functionis that it is a slap in the face to every Easterner whohas conducted themselves in a productive and positivemanner. Many of the Christian right I am sure do notrealize how offensive the notion is that Christianity isthe only faith to recognize that killing and stealing arebad.What exactly are the 'norms' that are so exclusive toChristianity? The Christian world is more afflicted withcrime than Singapore ever will be, just take a walkthrough the super Catholic ghettos of Buenos Aires.I personally believe that the break from moraltraditions does not exist. The vast majority of Americanyouth hold murder and violence to be a proscription, andso do their families whether they consist of two moms ortwo dads or one of each. Certainly poverty has created aproblem to compliment the stress placed on those growingup in single parent families, and perhaps here is wherefaith belongs. If people can just have something tobelieve in, to lift up their spirits, perhaps the dreadof daily life would not seem so terrible for those itdepresses, and here I speak not only of inner cities, Ispeak of the dozens of people I know who have to be onprozac to have the will to wake up in the morning, Ispeak of the countless...

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