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Jesus And Buddha Understanding The Similarities Between These Men Of Different Times And Places. Reader Is Begins To See The Parrallels Between Christianity And Buddhism

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Jesus Christ and Siddharta Gautama were two different men from two different worlds. Siddharta came from the east, where there was belief in one unity rather than one god. Jesus came from a world that believed only in one deity. Yet these two men have such similarities. The way the grew up, the way they attained their enlightenment, and their teachings. Could it be that these two men were different, yet the same? The reason they had to be different was because of the people they were delivering their message to. Their message was the same though. It was about getting people to let go of the falseness in this world. The way to the truth may have been different, but it is still one truth.Both these men came in a time where the activities of their religion were being questioned. Before Jesus came, Judaism was in a time of turmoil. They were ruled by Romans, who taxed them excessively in an attempt to make them more Roman and Greek like. There was also much division within the Jewish religion. The Saduccees were predominately the priests. They made the important religious and political decisions. They were a very conservative group. They rejected the idea of a Messiah, and thought that the Jewish people should live in coexistence with the Romans. The Pharisees were the rabbis and scribes. They accepted the idea of a Messiah and rejected Roman rule. The Zealots accepted that the Messiah was coming and the world was going to end. They believed that the way to await the Messiah was to take up arms and begin the fight against the Romans. The Essences expected the Messiah, but they said that people must turn their backs on the world and pray until the Messiah arrived. This group moved into the Dead Sea caves to await the coming. Each group had a different expectation about the Messiah, but no one really knew what he would be like. Siddharta came in a time where people were tired of Hindu sects and castes. The Hindu caste system was made up of four classes. The Brahmins were the priests, the intellectuals, the ones associated with the Vedas (the sacred texts of Hinduism), and the Vedic ceremonies. The Kshatriyas were the ruling class. The Vaishayas were the everyday people, the workers of society. The Shudras were the servants of society . They knew there was something else out there, but no one knew what it could be. Jesus and Buddha were the ones who showed their people the way.The birth of Siddharta Gautama and Jesus Christ are very similar. Both of them were conceived in an unusual way. Siddharta's parents "had practiced abstinence, the conception of the Bodhisattva was believed to be immaculate"(Boisselier 39). One night in a dream the queen saw a white elephant which entered herwomb. Jesus' mother Mary was a virgin. She was visited by the Angel Gabriel. The Angel told her "Do not be afraid... behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son"(Luke 1:31). Both mothers were on a journey when they gave birth. Queen Mayadevi went to visit her...

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