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Many people live their lives following a religious leader of some religion. The prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ were said to be two of the very most influential leaders of all time. According to Michael Hart, a writer for states that out of a pole of one hundred most influential religious people, Mohammed was ranked number one, to be the most influential person ever to be born. Jesus was ranked third most influential person, so therefore that pole is telling us that Mohammed is very well known and followed.
Mohammed a prophet of Islam was born in the year Five hundred and seventy A.D. in a city called Mecca, which is in southern Arabia (Mecca is now considered and has been considered a sacred city). Mohammed’s father died before he ever had been born and his mother died at the age of six years old. This left him an orphan to be raised by a nurse (which was common back then) then he was sent to be with his uncle and grandfather. Mohammed was not a wealthy man and did not come from wealth but at the age of twenty five he married a wealthy widow. It had not been until Mohammed was around forty years of age that he was convinced that the one true god named Allah had spoke to him. Mohammed believed Allah chose him to spread the truth of faith. For many years Mohammed would only speak or preach to people that were close to him. In the year of six hundred and thirteen, Mohammed started preaching to the public, people started to follow him more and more to the point that the Meccan officials found him to be a threat to society. Mohammed left Mecca and went to a city called Medina where he took a position of higher power. This had been the turning point of his life when the people of Medina followed him as a powerful religious leader. In the year six hundred and thirty, Mohammed moved back to Mecca and lived the remainder of his two and half years preaching the new religion to all of the people of Mecca.
The life of Jesus Christ was not a very long span of years but a very special time frame to Christianity. Jesus was born to a Jewish couple. A woman named Mary and a carpenter by the name of Joseph. Jesus is said to be from the small town called Nazareth where it has been said that he himself trained as a carpenter. By the age of twelve it is believed Jesus ran off from his parents in Jerusalem to talk about religion in a temple. By the age of thirty, Jesus was baptized; this is the highlight in his life that marked his ministry. Jesus then chose a group of twelve people which became the disciples. Jesus then started performing miracles on people along with teaching to large crowds. Some of the miracles Jesus performed were changing water to wine, healing the sick, catching a large number of fish, healing ten lepers, healing the paralyzed, calming the storm, feeding four thousand men and...

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