Jesus And Mohammad Paper (World Religions)

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Africans imported to the United States through the triangle trade of Africa, Europe, and the America has, found themselves in most southern states. The middle passage as it was known was one of the worst if not the worst atrocity perpetrated on any race of people. Sold into slavery by our fellow man for worn firearms, rusted metals, seasonings, and alcohol, was a small price to pay for what our futures would hold.Fast-forwarding beyond the indentured servitude and the slavery, I find myself right in the middle of Jim Crow and segregation. Why is school so different for me than it is for the white kids? Perhaps it has something to do with the great disparity of the allocations of funds to the white schools to ensure that they receive a superior education than I do.In 1930, South Carolina spent ten times as much on education for whites as it did for blacks; Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama devoted five times more for white children as they did for black children, (Eyes on the Prize p2)faith and Jesus of Nazareth for the Christian faith, because these two men/ prophets or inChristianity’s case, God, has left a tremendous impact on all of their followers; bothwhile living, and increasingly so when they were dead. Some believers think that thedeath of these men brought them to greater providence.In this essay, I will be attempting to identify the early childhoods of both men,their impact on their followers; and the ways in which the followers have worshippedthem. This essay will also cover the impact of those messages in today’s society.The core biographical fact for Christianity assigns to Jesus’ life is the immaculateconception or his birth through the virgin Mary. His death and resurrection, which hasbecome the foundation and core beliefs of the Christian faith. While doing my research I found that the life of Jesus is being told through the Four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (King James Bible). In Matthew, it deals with the Magi and their travels to see or witness the birth of the new King of The Jews. It also makes mention of Christ as a child sitting in the temple debating with the Scribes and Rabbis. Early in his life, he showed a great passion for doing God’s will, which allowed him to become the great teacher that he was.Nothing else is spoken upon in the four gospels of Jesus’ early life until we get to the point of his baptism. Here we learn Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, who has to decrease in order for Jesus to increase. This has to be done because John was known as a3prophet, and the Sadducees and Pharisees feared him as a man of God. Therefore after the baptism, Jesus would have to take his position, go off to fast for forty days to get thespiritual strength he would need to complete his mission for God, which was to die on the cross for the remissions of sins for all humanity. God needed Jesus to be a sacrificial lamb to give all humanity a chance to come and present himself or...

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1538 words - 6 pages this paper I will compare the lives of Jesus and Mohammed historically, explore what impact the death of each person had on his respective religion, describe the ways each have been worshipped, and explain how each message is being carried out in the world today.Both Jesus and Mohammed played prominent roles to their respective religions. In reality, Christianity and Islam are two of the most influential religions to date. Even though both

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1403 words - 6 pages Jesus and Mohammed PAGE 6 Jesus and Mohammed PaperBarbara Perez-LugoW7 AssignmentAxia College of University of PhoenixAmy PerumalApril 22, 2007Jesus and MohammedJesus and Mohammed both laid the foundation for two similar and yet very different religions. Jesus was the founder of Christianity while Mohammed was the founder of Islam. This paper is meant to compare the lives of Jesus and Mohammed historically, explore what impact the death of

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2437 words - 10 pages , practices, and ethical spiritual authority codes of conduct for both lay and monastic existences lay with men. Almost all of the significant spiritual leaders or "heroes"- the Buddha included - are male, and women are often accorded an inferior status, particularly in regard to their assessed capabilities for spiritual progress. Masculine religions tend to view the world as essentially impure or corrupt, at least to the human spirit. If the world

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Jesus And Mohammad Paper

1368 words - 5 pages Christians and Muslims have always had their own beliefs, in some ways they are similar. Christians and Muslims both believe in only one God. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, and Muslims believe that Mohammad is Allah's prophet. They both believe their ancestry is from Abraham. There are many differences in the two; this article will show the lives and history of Jesus and Mohammad. The impact that their deaths had on the

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1857 words - 7 pages through the hot weary dessert with a caravan. In todays living many seem to know Mohammed as a Muslim, but in the time he was around he faithfully learned what the Christianity world was and also the Judaism teachings as well. In both, beliefs have been formed that only one God exists. Unlike Jesus who never had a wife of a child, Mohammed had wives and Children.Many in the Islamic faith today, at the age of 40 years are waiting for the call of a

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