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There is nothing in my view that is as organized, explicit, inspiring, motivational, frightening, and funny all at the same time as the Bible – the holy book in Christianity. It is transitional, takes one gradually from one era to another without drifting much, does not mice- extremely generous with words. The bible is the best and would be the best novel or book if you will, that would and as ever been written! The Bible Literally holds one hand and shows one the event of things that happened in the past step by step.
Most of if not all the of the stories told in the bible have been mentioned by historians in early history, Places around the world, also show that the events recorded in the bible are actually true and not just myths, fallacies or mere stories. Christians acknowledge that every word of the Bible was written by the inspiration of God almighty the supreme being of all!
In Christianity the lives of a lot of great men and women that showed exceptional leadership qualities were recorded. Prophets like Moses, Elisha, Elijah, Eli, Samuel, Isaiah, Amos, Nathan. Kings like Solomon, Nehbucadnazar, Boaz, Joseph, David. Others like Joshua, Caleb, Ruth, Naomi, Jonathan. Apostles such as Paul, Matthew, Luke, Peter, Stephen, Philip, Paul and Silas amongst others showed exceptional Leadership qualities, especially Paul. Mentioned above are but a few of the many leaders recorded in the Bible None showed leadership qualities as exceptional as that of Christ Jesus
During the course of this paper, the main source of information would be the bible. I would discuss about the genealogy of Jesus, His early life, His ministry, Vision and goal, The significance of his ministry, His driving force as a leader, Characteristics of Jesus as a Leader, the Uniqueness of his leadership, His kind of Leadership, What his Followers / people around him thought of his Leadership, The major Challenges he Faced as a Leader and how he handled it, The opposition he faced during the course of his leadership and how he tackled it, How effective was his leadership-under what amount of time or period?, Was he a good or Bad leader.
Isaiah was a Scribe and a Prophet. He was considered the greatest Prophet in the Old Testament. He was married to a prophetess; had two sons namely Maher-shalal-hash-baz and Shear-jashub. He was the only Prophet in the whole bible to give a very clear description of Jesus before his coming. Jesus was first mentioned by the prophet Isaiah while prophesying over Israel. This event was recorded in the Old Testament specifically in the book of Isaiah chapter 9 versus 6a – “For a Child is born to us; a son is given to us” (NLT). Isaiah made this prophesy when God through him foretold Israel the darkness they would be in if they contradicted God’s words (NLT Isaiah 8v20 ).
Jesus descended from about Thirteen generations; Abraham the father of Issac, the grandfather to Jacob and the great-grandfather to Judah this...

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