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God As Purpose Of Religion Essay

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God (what is the purpose of religion and its need for humanity)

Ever since the humanity exist, people believe in something bigger than themselves. Something or someone who make all things possible, a person who is intelligent, kind, in other words, he is perfect. God is the principal divinity person who creates and controls the universe. Many cultures had different concepts about God and the religion. A religion is your God's guideline, it contains your believes and practices. Many arguments for and against the existence of God have been proposed and rejected by philosophers, theologians, and other person.

The religion is a very important thing for a person, because it gives your life path. Without it you feel lost and alone. God gives you the confidence to keep it up in your life; it allows you to handle the awful things that happen around you. When you feel lost or alone, when everyone gives you their backs, you always can talk with God. It is obvious that you can't feel it, but if you really want it, you feel it in your soul, inside you. No matter how silly its sounds, regardless of the religion (Catholic, Jew, Muslim) everyone look in God a father, a friend a light in the darkness.

God and the religion divide patterns of what is good and what is wrong. Thank to this you don't act like animals. You live as you want, but before act you know what is virtuous, moral right, noble. Not because you have virtues, or morality, because all this qualities came from God. God once said that you have to follow 10 commandments simple but important (Not kill, Not lie, neither shall you commit adultery…etc). The most important thing of this is that you can kill, lie… but something inside (I...

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