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Jesus Christ Essay

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Jesus Christ means numerous things to people: the Son of God, Savior, the Messiah, etc. But many might still not know what happened during Jesus’s life. There are numerous stories in the Bible. His story starts in the New Testament, though the prophecies about Him are in the Old Testament. Through the Bible, people have been able to decipher the Messianic prophecies, Jesus’s death and resurrection, and Jesus’s return.
The Messianic Prophecies are prophecies about the Messiah. He will end the dark times, and bring joy (Isaiah 9: 1-7). God will make this possible by giving us Jesus, His Son (Isaiah 9:6). Jesus, who not only is the Son of God, but also God, will bring peace. He will be the king. This will happen because God loves us all so much. God then goes on to talk about how His Son will bring justice, and will not stick out in a crowd (Isaiah 42: 1-7). There was nothing particularly ...view middle of the document...

As Jesus was being nailed to the cross, He asked God to forgive the people that were doing this to Him (Luke 23:34). While on the cross, the soldiers, leaders, and even one of the other criminals also being punished would taunt him. The other criminal acknowledged his wrongdoings, and Jesus promised him paradise (Luke 23: 43). Like Jesus had said it would happen, He had risen from death on the third day. He then explains to his followers what the Scriptures say about Him (Luke 24). After leading His followers out of Jerusalem, He blessed them, and then was carried to heaven (Luke 24:50-51).
There are many signs for when Jesus will return. One of them being that there will be many wars that need to be fought before the end (Matthew 24:6). Starvation and earthquakes are other things that will happen (Matthew 24:7). Many people will not believe, and there will be a lot of evil in the world. There will be something terrible from which the people should run from and not look back (Matthew 24:15-18). It will be the worst time ever, but it will also be short (Matthew 24:22). There are warnings as well. Jesus said there will be many who will say they are the Messiah, but are not (Matthew 24:5). Like the fake Messiahs, there will be fake prophets, who will succeed in making people believe in things they should not (Matthew 24:11). Jesus warned that these people will be able to perform miracles, and lead believers astray. But it will be obvious to all when the Messiah comes (Matthew 24:27). Then the whole world will cease to exist, but the realm in which God lives will be eternal (Matthew 24:25). Life will be normal before this time comes, because only God knows when it will happen. That is why it is good to always be ready (Matthew 24:44).
Jesus’s story is a long and interesting one, and it is not over yet. There are other stories which are worth telling, like about His miracles and teachings. Jesus’s whole life has had an impact on the world. Even to those who do not believe, Jesus is still very important. His story is one that should be told over and over again.

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