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Jesus' Disciples Essay

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When the greatest teacher in the world was born 2000 years ago he taught love and peace to all. Through out his teachings he took a select few to groom and educate to carry on when he was gone. These twelve extraordinary people are examples for which we are to be and how we are to live 2000 years later. The twelve followers that Jesus chose for his ministry were not a group of exceptional education, birthright or religious or social standings. Out of the twelve pupils of Jesus, eleven were unwaveringly faithful, but one would betray his dearest friend for his own personal gain. Let's begin by searching where the disciples came from and what kind of people they were.

The disciples were not extraordinary people by any standards, only what they did in their lives was considered extraordinary. All of the disciples are assumed to be of Jewish decent, but there is little in the way of supporting it. Simon Peter was educated in a Jewish school; in the Jewish state it was illegal for a gentile to attend a Jewish school (Edwards P.247). This would imply that Simon Peter was Jewish. Not much is told to us about the ethnicity of the disciples beyond the information of where they were born. It is safe to assume that Jesus selected all, or mostly, Jewish followers, not out of racism, but out of sensibility as the Pharisees felt and preached a lot of resentment towards the gentiles. The churches and public buildings separated the Jews from the gentiles (Edwards P.190). If Jesus had chosen gentiles for his ministry they may very well have been ignored and shunned, not to mention could have been tried for heresy by the people of Israel, due to the political and religious claimant.

Another fact about the disciples taken into account when looking at the type of people they were is their families and beginnings. Many have wondered why many of the disciples Jesus chose were "poor fisherman" and not educated theologians. Jesus was clearly searching for humble men with no religious predispositions (Ruffian P.23). Well learned men, such as scholars and theologians are very pompous and tend to be "know it alls", they see themselves as experts and resent, and sometimes are offended by truths that conflict with their own ideas. The disciples were not those of exceptional birth or education, for the most part, the vast majority were just humble fisherman from small towns, with no real affiliation to much of anybody and no largely public and political name. Of the twelve disciples only Bartholomew was thought the have come from "noble" birth (Ellegard P.132). Matthew was a tax collector in Capernaum. All of the disciples were in their late 20's early 30's.

All of the disciples were regular people, only extraordinary in the condition of their hearts. These people can be examples for us, showing us that we don't need to be of great decent, we don't need to have a religious background or a lot of money to further God's word; all we need is a...

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