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God Has The Cure Essay

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Throughout the ages great thinkers and men with revolutionary ideas have been changing the world of understanding. During the Renaissance men like Vesalius, William Hervey, and Paracelsus revolutionize the understanding of medicine through the use of dissection and constant studying. However these men did not find change easy, the Christian Church was set in their ways and was reluctant to change. People where dying from unknown causes and the church had no answers. The Renaissance was a time for enlightenment and rebirth of new ideas, but the church inability to adapt and adopt the new discoveries and knowledge of medicine left society in the dark ages.
The Church was not all prayers and hope when it came to medicine. They did believe in a set of ideas which came into effect, “3,000 years ago when Hippocrates and Galen created four humors: Blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile” (Dawson 8-9). These humors were what doctors used to diagnose patient’s illness based on the balance of each humor. If the patient felt ill, then the doctor would drain blood from the patient and send them on their way. Now medical science knows that blood is responsible for the curing of ailments and by draining that patient’s blood, they are even less likely to recover. The church agreed with Galen because, “His view was in line with the Christian belief that God had created human beings and therefore the human body must be a perfect creation” (Dawson 14). The church also agreed with Hippocrates because he had gathered his knowledge of human anatomy from the dissection of animals because, “The human body was seen as sacrilege and doctors faced legal and censure if dissection was attempted” (Kate 2). With this information patients of the Renaissance were treated with outdated ideas and understand. Although the church did care for the treatment of patients, “One of the rules of the Benedictine monks stated: The care of the sick is to be placed above and before every other duty” (Dawson 8). The monks would tell patients that, “Each part of the body and each ailment had its own saint, if the patient had a backache then they would pray to Saint Lawrence, and if their plague humor was off balance they would pray to Saint Sebastian” (Dawson 8). This form of treatment was not changed for so long because, “Christian leaders went so far as to say that anyone who questioned Galen was also questioning God, which was forbidden” (Dawson 14). So new ideas were not only not accepted, the church gave these thinks no opportunity to try.
The church also had its hands into many different elements of learning, “The Christian church controlled the universities, believed that ancient writing should be believed and not questioned” (Dawson 12). By controlling what was taught the church limited the ability of new things to have an opportunity to grow their knowledge. Even the student’s knowledge was limited by the church’s beliefs, “students learned about anatomy and physiology through...

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