"God's Existence, Or His Lack Of It" Saaim Khan

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"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him"VoltaireIt is said that man is a being, who requires an entity above him. I'd like to state, in my view, that man is an insecure animal. He requires something to believe in, a sort of wall to lean on. This is the same line of argument that most atheists use to argue their belief that God is a creation of man. However, if one were to look with religion in tow, the conclusion that this aspect of the human subconscious is present would mean that it is a characteristic that has been instilled by the God Himself."If there is no faith there would be no living in this world. We couldn't even eat hash with any safety"Josh Billings.Logically speaking, it is the quite obvious conclusion that any God-believing person would come to after being subjected to this thought. It is quite clear in my mind that the psyche of man is highly dependant on God, and that without God man would be quite lost. Finding direction, would, as the cliché goes, require "a higher calling". A higher calling in this case would be God. Yet, if we were to believe that God does not exist, than an explanation for this particular attribute of man's consciousness would require a fuller explanation."A great perhaps"François RabelaisWhere does man lie in the chain of events that lead to the present day? If we look back in time, we have seen that many of the wickedest men have been clergymen and men of religion. George Bernard Shaw once said that there is one religion and a hundred different version of it. If there is any truth in this, then we must also assume that each of these versions contains a basic truth. However far-fetched each of them may be, it is clear that they all have one thing in common: the Divine entity. We have not seen God, but we believe in Him. Owing to mass...

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771 words - 3 pages questions, then one must question. One must seek answers, not invent them. Questioning god's existence is not only morally permissible, it is morally required.The sole purpose of an eye is vision. If one believes in a God or not, it is obvious that eyes were created, or were part of human evolution, for the purpose of seeing. This can be said for many other parts of the body. Moreover, when a person builds a watch, for example, every part of the

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