Jewish Community Has Changed New York City And Some Of The Famous Jewish People Who Were Born In The City.

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The Jewish community in New York City is a united community that has helped make New York City the great city it is today. Since 1654 when the first wave of Jews came to New York City, individuals from many different cultures comprised the backbone of the city. The Jewish community includes middle class professionals, white-collar workers, businesspeople, and entertainers. The Jewish community was comprised immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Germany, Poland, and many other countries. The Jewish community and New York City live hand and hand more so than any other city in the United States and quiet possibly in the world. The Jewish community in New York City has given birth to many great people in entertainment and many of them have given back to the city where they were born in a variety of ways.New York city is known throughout the world by its depiction through the media and many of the men who depict New York City are themselves from New York City's Jewish communities. Allen Stewart Konigsberg was born in New York in 1935, and is one of the world's most popular comedic writers, his strange name is Woody Allen. Allen has written many plays that are set in New York and many of his places take on a New York zest. Another famous entertainer from New York City is Billy Crystal who is known for his acting roles in "City Slickers", "When Harry Met Sally"; "Analyze This", and many others. Crystal, who was...

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