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True Judaism is in complete contrast to acceptance of abortion. The support for abortion that American Jewry's majority gives is a denial of all in Judaism that we claim to teach and value. Situations in which the Talmud permits abortions are exceedingly rare today. We Jews should be at the forefront of the pro-life battle. We must make the miracle of Hanukkah happen again. That miracle was the victory of love over hate, truth over falsehood, holiness over the profane, righteousness over evil, and the weak over the mighty. We, as a united Jewish people, must renew our dedication to the highest ideals of Hanukkah and to our God.HOW JUDAISM VIEWS GODExamining in depth our beliefs about the definitions, attributes, and actions of God is an indispensable first step for guiding us in our understanding of why we should be a pro-life people.Understanding God -- For My thoughts are not your thoughts,Neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord. Is. 55:8In our finite, mortal vision and understanding, we often cannot fathom what He could possibly value in any given human fetus or embryo.Consider our song on Yom Kippur, "We are Thy people, Thou art our King." A king's job is to rule his subjects. Acknowledging the One Who makes the rules for us, we must recognize the unborn as fellow, younger citizens of our King's kingdom."We are Thy children, Thou art our Father." The unborn are our siblings because they have the same Father as we do. The Father of all the human race created us in infinitely perfect love."We are Thy possession, Thou art our Portion." Abortion is destruction of God's possessions -- His people. God, our Portion, is our Destiny after we die."We are Thy flock, Thou art our Shepherd." God expects mature people to assist Him in caring for the weak-- the sheep among us. Abortion is the opposite of protection of the weak."We are Thy vineyard, Thou art our Keeper." God has plans and a purpose for each "grape"--each child He "grows.""We are Thy beloved, Thou art our Friend." This perfect Friend cannot possibly be neutral about abortion because each abortion is murder of one of His beloved.Creator -- Genesis tells us that God called everything in His creation good. He does not need to seek any person's opinion or approval about anything in His creation. This includes the unborn.Owner of the Universe -- An artist owns his handiwork. Pro-abortion advocates do not acknowledge God's ownership of their bodies, nor the father's rights to take care of and raise the child. The child is first God's child, but each human parent has 100% responsibility toward him.God Is Holy -- Everything in His creation, especially all human life, also is holy, and deserves proper respect.God Values Human Life -- Existing foremost for God's purposes rather than for ours, human life is the highest form of intelligent life on earth. We are able to reflect upon our own existence. We then must conclude that all people's lives are sacred. When the sperm cell fertilizes the egg, a...

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