Jews And How They Were Treated

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IntroductionThe Medieval times were a harsh time in the history of Jews. Many were killed just because of their race. They were not the standards of the people. The standard was to have all of Europe an all-Christian unity. This issue caused many conflicts in Europe. In the 14th century a disease known as the Plague killed 1/3 of the European populations, between 1348 and 1350. As the Plague was caused by bacterium carried by rats, people in that time thought it was the Jews. They were accused of spreading the disease and poisoning water and wells. Jews where killed for this false accusation, which shouldn't of happened.Even worst, was being kicked out of the country just because of their heritage and moral status. This is what happened in one of the most important times of Jewish history. In the Untied Kingdom every Jew was to sentenced to leave in 1290, because of the hard time they had and by the decision of the King.Why didn't they give the Jews a better chance and see if they could be equal? Why were they kicked out of the country? How were they treated? This report will examine the treatment of Jewish People.Background Information on JewsJews were treated terribly over the medieval years. In fact, ever since they moved into England and were faced with Christianity things went bad. This is all related back to the days of Jesus and his suffering for us, his children. Sadly, tragic issues affected the status of the Jews. Emigration occurred in 1060, when the Jews came to England looking for a better life and escaping from the crusaders of the French. This was known as the Norman Conquest. Some had a better life in the beginning. They began to grow by trading, lending money, and advancing money to the crown of England, by protecting money for the Government. The Jewish community had an important roll in the beginning for the State Treasury. They had a high paying roll in the United Kingdom. Only Jews could loan money for interest since the New Testament restricted usury.Some things didn't work out as they planned. Some of the big deaths that occurred were in 1096 and 1099. On May 25th 1096, 800 Jews were killed in Worms Germany. Many of them chose suicide instead of death by the crusaders. Some Jews were forced into baptism in the Catholic faith, instead of death. In 1099, Christian crusaders attacked Islam, Palestine, and Jerusalem. Again, thousands were killed, just for the spread of Christianity, in all of Europe.In 1144, a more serious action occurred, this time it was the Jewish people's faults. Violently, they took a Christian child (William) for Passover. They were stuffing him up for the celebration. This was all to be mirrored back to the time of Jesus and his suffering. Evidently, they were treating William like Jesus. It is a Pesach ritual. The Christians found out and riots broke out. Sadly, the Jews and Christians relationship drifted away fast. They were enemies. Jews need the Christian blood to reenact the crucifixion of...

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