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There were no castles filled with round tables that seated the King's men in the United States but when the 35th President of the United states, John F. Kennedy entered the white house some would say a new Camelot was formed, achieving a status never before seen with regards to an American Presidency nor the legacy it left behind.
Kennedy came to power in what appeared to be the end of an era or, from another perspective the beginning of a new age. On January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy is sworn into office as the 35th President of the United States, shortly after he gives one of the shortest yet one of the most iconic inaguaral speeches, where he spoke his famous words "Ask not what your ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately, the idea behind it was that if the United States and their opertations were to fail that only the Cubans would be held accountable. The real question was, could the United states establish the vast numbers needed for execution and if they could deny their involvement with well trained soldiers that shortly resembled their own and if they could not esacpe accountability, could they truely afford the fail of such an expediton. But without the United States large involvement, the operation would surely not lead to victory. Kennedy was fully aware of the operations that were underway, for he had approved them shortly beforehand. The battle began on April 17th, and the United States were proved shortly that thier tactics and operations were inadequate to take on the Castro, the Soviet Unions private puppet. The rebels, surrendered after only one day. A humiliated Kennedy had to now face the aftermath that he would not be the young President of World War II, that was able to subvert the forces of Soviet power new and old. Through the mishap of the Bay of Pigs, although a failure for Kennedy's Presidency it gave him a lot of expierence and humility. The true challenge for JFK, was yet to come. Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev saw JFK as a weak, and inexperienced figure and took this to his utmost advantage and began the construction of missile bases in cuba fixiated to threaten Kennedy and The United States. On October 16th of 1962 Kennedy's military advisers brought aerieal photographs of Cuba and the new missile placement, out of fear and pacnic many of JFK's generals urged that the United States prepare for total military intervention along with an invasion of Cuba. Despite, his own fear as well JFK held out hoping for a peaceful settlement. Impossible. Six days later, on October 22nd Kennedy ordered that all Naval and air quartine should go into effect which would prevent any shipments of nuclear content from being sent and retrieved between USSR and Cuba, following with a statement demanding the Soviets remove all nuclear missiles from Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis had began, leaving the United States at the brink of Nuclear War. Kennedy began contacting Khrushchev, and Kruschev plead that he was only trying to protect Cuba and its fragile government state from the United States and a possible invasion and rebuttled that he would remove the missiles if the United States would do so as well concerning the Jupiter in Turkey. In the following two days, an agreement was struck/ Russian ships began to retreat back to the Soviet Union carrying thier feared Nuclear cargo with the additional announcement from Kennedy that the United States would cease to interfere with Cuba and its new government installation as well as Jupiter being removed from Turkey. Through JFK's skillful and judicious diplomacy he had managed to protect American interests and establish his alliance with most of the US population, this proved that although he was...

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