Jfk And The Cia: Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on 29th May, 1917. He joined the United States Navy in 1941 and became an intelligence officer. John Kennedy suffered a bad back injury and in December 1943 was sent back to the United States. After a further operation on his back he returned to civilian life, and for the next twelve months he worked as a journalist covering the United Nations Conference in San Francisco (Simkin, par. 1). A member of the Democratic Party, Kennedy won election to the House of Representatives in 1946. Kennedy entered the Presidential race in 1960, and presented his inaugural address in 1961 (Simkin, par. 2). On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was slain by an assassin's bullets as his convoy coiled through Dallas, Texas (Korte, par. 2). A pilot car and several motorcycles rode ahead of the presidential limousine. Kennedy rode with his wife and the head of secret service. The next car carried as many as eight secret service agents and was followed by a car carrying Lyndon B. Johnson and Ralph Yarborough (Simkin, par. 8). Over the years, there have been abundant conspiracy theories that link the CIA, FBI, and Mafia to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Kennedy inherited a chaotic and out of control federal agency when he presumed presidency in 1961. The Central Intelligence Agency pursued its own objectives during the Eisenhower administration. They initiated revolutions, provoked rebellions, and tried to assassinate foreign leaders, all generally without White House supervision. When the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, which the CIA composed, proved to be a catastrophe as well as a massive political obligation for Kennedy, he fired the instructor and his deputies (Colloff; Hall, par. 2). He threatened to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds" (Hornberger, par. 9). Rogue agents, fearful he would do just that, decided to strike first, by strategically placing CIA sharpshooters at Daley Plaza or by recruiting former Marine and aspiring spy Lee Harvey Oswald to take care of the job. Something strange about this, CIA deputy director Charles Cabell, whom Kennedy had fired, was the brother of Earle Cabell, Dallas' mayor in 1963. Also, Central Intelligence Agency administrator A. Dulles, whom Kennedy had dismissed in 1961, assisted on the Warren Commission (Simkin, par. 3). Another strange detail includes that Kennedy’s suspected lover, Mary Meyer, was married to an official of the CIA. She was found murdered in 1964 (Colloff; Hall, par. 2).
Chicago godfather Sam Giaconda helped Kennedy in his 1960 election victory through skullduggery, or trickery. Also, Miami gangster Santos Trafficante assisted the CIA in its assassination efforts on Castro. However, rather than pledging their loyalty, John Kennedy and his brother Robert initiated an all-out operation against organized crime. Attorney General Robert Kennedy first went after Teamster chief Jimmy Hoffa and...

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