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Jfk As An Icon. Essay

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When thinking about the iconic figure, there are certain names that immediately spring to mind, John Lennon, Che Guevara, Elvis to name but a few, although the figure who seems to have had the biggest impact, especially in American culture is JFK, who is often looked upon as a Marta by American people. There are many suggested reasons why this is the case, the fact that he died while in presidency and the world famous footage of the assassination, the fact that his presidency was seen as 'The Camelot' period, and the American people were genuinely happy with the presidency of the time, it could also be his charismatic character and good looks that has kept him in such high opinion with the American citizens, in my essay I will examine these issues and more, looking at pop art recreations of JFK, Photojournalism used at the time of the presidency, I will also look at JFK the film, and Oliver Stones interpretation of aspects surrounding JFK, I will also look at how the assassination footage is so memorable, and how it could contribute to his iconic status I will also examine the re-appropriation of the Kennedy image, and the assassination footage in continuing to build on the Kennedy myth.Figure 1 -Oil on CanvasOil on canvas was done by Robert Rauschenberg it contains JFK, as the most dominant image, Pop artists, often portrayed famous people into there paintings and show them in different ways"Icons of the new reality came to be provided by pop art"JFK was by now one of the most famous and loved people in America, two years after his death he was already becoming iconic, and paintings like oil on canvas only reinforced this. The picture of him is Blue, which could connote sadness after his assassination also the red next to him could symbolise death or murder.The JFK presidency, became known as Camelot and seen as a joyous time in American history, Along with JFK's Assassination, Man Landing on the Moon was the most memorable thing in the American peoples recent history and was seen as a glorious time for American as was the Camelot period, consequently Oil on canvas portrays two things that the American public can strongly identify with and enjoy.Figure 2 - JFKImage two the JFK portrait was done by Andy Warhol, he portrayed many celebrities in this way which also included Jackie Kennedy JFK's wife and Marylyn Monroe the worlds most famous actress, who JFK was said to have had an affair with. Andy Warhol's painting, like Rauschenberg's shows Kennedy as a iconic figure, this could be due to the appropriation, the fact that Kennedy's image was used so much, in magazines photo journalism etc made his image inhuman, a representation of the Kennedy legend, an object of the American peoples gaze."It's not just Kennedy himself it's what people see in him. It's the glowing picture we keep getting. He actually glows in most of his photograph's we are supposed to believe he's the hero of the age"It is possible that Warhol chose to appropriate the Kennedy...

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