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Who remembers where they were November 22, 1963? , The fateful day President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. My mother was only three and she remembers the day. She was in the living room of her childhood home when a crying neighbor called my Grandmother and broke the news. The telephone call was the beginning of a chain reaction that sent the entire house into uncontrollable mayhem. The event had that effect on the entire nation. Men and women, Democrats and Republicans, adults and children mourned the loss of their fallen leader.
President Johnson, the Warren Commission, and every fascinated watcher-on in the world would closely scrutinize that day and the following events. The facts of the day are still angrily contested even now. Politicians have made their careers on the case. Conspiracy theorists have had a field day writing books, accusing anyone and everyone of planning the assassination. This paper's purpose is to inform you on the known facts of the event, including the reason for President Kennedy's visit, the parade through down-town Dallas, and the emergency trip to the hospital. The Warren Commission's report to the President will be summarized and many conspiracy theories will be established.
President and Mrs. Kennedy arrived in Dallas at 11:40AM CST on Friday, November 22, 1963. The couple had been in San Antonio, the first leg of a two day trip through the state, where they met with Vice-president Johnson and Texas Governor Connelly. The Texas trip was planned in hopes of energizing the President's popularity in Texas after it was hurt during the election of 1960. Until midmorning, cloudy skies had threatened to cancel the motorcade-style parade that was planned for the day. The motorcade would travel from Love Field, through Dallas on a previously known route to the Trade Mart where a lunch in honor of the President had been planned, (The Warren Commission, pg. 2). The motorcade consisted of the president's car, followed by a car designate as the "Presidential follow-up" which carried secret service members. Behind that was another open roofed car carrying Vice-president Lyndon Johnson and Texas Governor Connelly and their wives. Following the vice-president's car was another follow-up car and several cars and buses with dignitaries and press representatives.
The motorcade followed its designated route, first passing through a residential area of Dallas, and then making its way through the middle of the downtown area. The parade traveled west on Main Street and then made a right on Houston. The motorcade went one block and then made a left-turn on Elm. On the corner of Elm and Houston was the large, ominous Texas School Book Depository, where the fatal shots were later accused of being fired from. When the President's car turned west on Elm and crossed the Depository, three shots were fired at the motorcade. The President was struck by a bullet that entered at the base of his neck, just right of his spine and...

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