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Jfk's Death Essay

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JFK's Death On November 22, 1963, one of the most controversial assassinations happened to one of the greatest leaders in America, by Jack Ruby's mafia, with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that committed the act of treason, in the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK). There is hard evidence supporting the cover up and scandal involved with his assassination. Due to the confiscation of films and evidence, the citizens of the United States must only know what they are told by the government. The CIA was associated with the mafia and arranged the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
At 12:30 P.M., JFK's convertible drove past the Texas Bookstore Depository and onto Elm Street, where to the right was the grassy knoll. In that same spot, the grassy knoll, Abraham Zapruder had his 8mm camera, recording an event that would drastically change history (Fertzer 65-72). The first shot missed the convertible completely. The second shot hit the President in the upper right back and exited through his neck, continuing on to Governor Connelly's back, through his chest, and hitting his wrist upon exiting. The third shot struck JFK in the head killing him instantly. At 1:50 P.M. Lee Harvey Oswald was taken into custody after resisting arrest and killing officer J.D. Tippit (North 235-243).
The most detailed and focused evidence of the President at the time of the assassination is the Zapruder film. This historical film captures each shot fired upon JFK and Governor Connelly. Immediately following the assassination, Zapruder was forced by Dallas secret services to have three copies of the film made. Two copies were released to Dallas secret services, and then forwarded to secret service investigators in Washington. The third copy, Zapruder and his assistant Sitzman Waltz, sold to Life Magazine for one hundred fifty thousand dollars ("John Kennedy" 1). There are justifiable claims that the original Zapruder film was altered by an outside source. Images taken at the time of the assassination contradict what the Zapruder film shows. Life Magazine's photographer Frank Cancellare was also present at the grassy knoll during the time of the assassination. He captured a picture of the motorcade leaving Elm Street right after the third shot was fired. When enlarged, Cancellare's picture clearly shows a man in the back of a pick-up truck on Commerce Street, directly east of Elm...

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