Jhsoccer20: Hey Jhsoccer20: Omg Sn Phawk03: Hey Sn Phawk03: ..What? Jhsoccer20: We

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jhsoccer20: hey jhsoccer20: omg SNPhawk03: hey SNPhawk03: ..what? jhsoccer20: we kicked ass at the OHIO GAME!!- we were like WOW i have never seen us play this way! SNPhawk03: coool jhsoccer20: we are getting in our good game mood!! :-D- me happy now SNPhawk03: thats good!!!! im happy too then! :-D jhsoccer20: this is wht im telling henry jhsoccer20: Hey to my nice coach henry, i was just wordening if you wanta make a deal: teh deal is that i will ty my hardest( but if i have my knee problems,and dizzyness those are reason, but i will try my hardest to get over them n play with payne), if you tell llody to seat where the other parents are,and tell him to just let us play becuase everyone on this team is getting really really mad at him(( or sick of him)) becuase this isnt his team and is your,and he is acting liek a coach more then you, becuae i means its confouse bc you tell us to do something then he tells us differnet! i mean im not trying to b mean please dont get me wrong but i mean that is why PART of our team is going down hall, u might think different, and maybe im wrong im just asking you to think about the deal, and will you pull me aside and tell me! SNPhawk03: sounds good but i think more than just you should talk to him about it i think more people should SNPhawk03: and about the team getting better in teh second game thing...SNPhawk03: i hope it wasnt like because i wasnt there :-i feel like nobody respects me as a captain or something its annoying jhsoccer20: becuase llody started yellin at michelle today at teh game, so i steped in and was like lllody stop and he was like jordan you dont try,and all this shit,and he was likeim gonna leave this team,and then michelles mom came,and yelled at llody, and henry becuase michelle wasnt at the frist game, henry never makes a big deal, only with michelle,and her mom get in his faces sooooooo bad!- it was sooo bad but now everything is better :-Dya but some ppl want me to talk to him, becuae tehy say hey only listens to me, we already have a meeting today about everything like that jhsoccer20: Steph you gotta think about it we really dont have CAPTAINS on the team, we just have ppl that get ppl together,and alot of ppl do that on the team! So i mean we really dont have captains soooo, (( but like we call you and marilyn captains)) but i know some ppl that are gonna tal kto him about not having captains SNPhawk03: i know, but i mean not even looking at me like a captain... but everyone listens to marilyn for warmups and stuff and they do waht she says but when i say something they're like hahhahaha no one takes me seriously jhsoccer20: why dont you say that, someppl came up to me today(( cant tell who)) and they asked if i could get my captain band make becuase they want me as captains, then steph...

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