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Believe it or not this was a COLLEGE ENGLISH PAPER. For level 111Jigsaw Puzzles in the MakingFrom buying the puzzle itself to the placement of the last piece, nearly everyone has put together a jigsaw puzzle. There are jigsaw puzzles of all shapes and sizes, ranging from skill levels of, "You will go nuts!" to "a piece of cake." In puzzle building patience is a formadable ally, but the strategy involved is just as important.After deciding that a jigsaw puzzle is what you want to do to make the time fly, you must buy the puzzle. There are many places to find jigsaw puzzles. Businesses that specialize in jigsaw puzzles might have a magazine you could look at, or you could just go to the local J.J. Newberries and buy a 1000-piece landscape puzzle for only $5.49. The 1000-piece puzzle might be a little too much for someone who was just starting, or wanted something quick, so I would recommend trying to find a 500+ piece puzzle with a picture that you think would be fun to assemble. For an example, I will use the 500+ piece puzzle "The Planets" that I recently put together. Once you have bought the particular puzzle that you want, you must find a place to work.With the box in hand, find a flat surface that is large enough to fit the puzzle on, like a table. Next you must empty the puzzle pieces onto the table and put the box somewhere convenient, where you can readily see it, for you will be glancing at it frequently. For "The Planets" puzzle I used a small card table and put the table next to my bed where I could work on the puzzle easily. I placed the box standing up at the end of my bed so that I could see what the puzzle was supposed to look like by glancing at the picture. Now that is done, it is time to start building your puzzle.The first thing that you should do is separate the edge pieces, the ones with the straight edge, into a separate pile. After having done this you must put the edge pieces together, to form the frame. Building from the corners is usually a good way to go about building the frame. By looking at the common parts of the edge from the picture on the box you can easily find which ones about go where and then put them together. It might take many tries, but eventually they will fit together. Once the edges are done, move onto the middle of the picture.At first this looks like a hard task, but it really starts out quite simple. The easiest way is to locate a segment of the picture that has pieces that are easily spotted. For "The Planets" puzzle, these parts were the planets in the field of black with small stars. I assembled Earth, then Neptune, then Saturn, and so on until I completed all of the planets. If your puzzle has a building or something of that sort, start there. Then you need to find out where to connect your pieces of building or planets to the edges. By looking at the picture, it should not be too terribly hard to locate where they connect....

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