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Holiness is something that almost everyone strives to achieve in their life. In the movie, Grapes of Wrath, you get to learn a lot about holiness and how when Jim Casey describes holiness you realize that everyone really can be holy in one way or another. When the movie begins you meet Casey almost right away. He is back in Tom Joad’s, the main character in the movie, hometown. Casey used to be Tom’s preacher and you learn that he was a very good one that could give anyone a sermon and they would listen and learn from him. When Tom first went back he still thought that Casey was a preacher, but when he assumed that he was Casey quickly corrected him in saying that, “"I ain't preachin' no more much. The sperit ain't in the people much no more; and worse'n that, the sperit ain't in me no more. 'Course now an' again the sperit gets movin' an' I rip out a meetin', or when folks sets out food, I give 'em a grace, but my heart ain't in it. I on'y do it 'cause they expect it." You learn a lot about Jim Casey in the beginning of the movie and you continue to learn how good of a person that he is throughout the movie. Jim Casey is my favorite character in the movie Grapes of Wrath because he is insightful and makes you understand what is actually going on.
Jim Casey is someone that you could relate to while watching the movie Grapes of Wrath because he is very down to earth and knows what is going on. While watching the movie you saw that Casey was someone that had seen a lot and had been through a lot himself. When you learn about everything that is going on you soon realize that all of these families were being sent out onto the road with nowhere to go but west. When they tried to kick Casey out he managed to hang around and stay because he did not see a good reason to leave his home. “Before I knowed it, I was sayin' out loud, 'The hell with it! There ain't no sin and there ain't no virtue. There's just stuff people do. It's all part of the same thing.” When he starts talking about sin and virtue like he did here you realize that all of these people are still very religious and some just need something to believe in while they are going through being kicked off of their land. Casey sort of knew everything that was going to happen throughout the movie and made you realize that you had no idea what was going to happen. It was almost like he was directing the movie with the words that he said.
In the movie, Grapes of Wrath, Jim Casey is one of the most thoughtful and caring characters that you meet. In this time period it was rare to meet someone who was nice and actually did care for you. Tom’s mom was...

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