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Jim John's Religious Infection Essay

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Religious infection and traditionalism is evident earlier and after the establishment of the people’s temple. At his early age, Jimmy Jones was much interested in death as well as beliefs. He killed small faunae to serve as the subjects of death ceremonials. For instance, he slaughtered a cat and organized for its burial ceremony. Religious drew many people across racial and economic status lines to the people’s temple. Population growth was witnessed within five years since the people’s temple was begun. This led to a mass suicide or murder of 909 followers of Jimmy Jones in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978 (Lofton 423). Jones lived in Indianapolis where he started his first integrated church being a young Pentecostal preacher. He later transferred to California as a result of racism he experienced while in India. Whereas living in California he started a new life in belligerently enlisting new church members.
In essence, people tend to join organizations such as churches, political groups among others, that they like and where they cannot get hurt. Jim Jones, who was known to be a preacher at Peoples Temple; described himself to be what his followers would see or describe him to be. He always preached about going to the Promised Land where all his followers aspired to be. His ambitions made the community to be lively, influential, great as well as have prospective to flourish. However, when Jimmy’s was young he is described to be a boy who was possessed with the death as well as charismatic religion and he was seen not to be normal at all. He performed unusual activities like burying dead animals besides which he killed a cat using a knife. He was from a very poor background, for instance his father was a drunkard that made her mother to work very hard to bring up the family (Rebecca 44).
He grew up in Pentecostal church community where he discovered that the church ministers had the power to control the lives of the congregation. He attended church services and started revival preaching where he progressed to learn what necessitated being a preacher. Through preaching it was clear that Jimmy Jones could get a lot of followers. He began his mission in Indiana where he preached on racial equality and he moved to California besides settling in Guyana later. In Guyana he made his followers to work longer and provided them with comfy lodgings (Philip Goff 644). He at some time admitted that everybody was homosexual apart from him only. He forced his followers to have sex with them after which he told them that he did it for...

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