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Jovell NelsonJune 6, 2014Miss ClymerEnglish 2Jim Jones: Rapper or KillerWho was the real Jim Jones? Jim Jones is remembered as a leader, pastor, Mass Manipulator, and even murderer. Born in Crete, Indiana on May 13, 1931 James Warren Jones (also known as Jim Jones) was the son of James Thurman Jones, and Lynetta Putman Jones. Often left by himself he was taken to church by his neighbor. At the age of ten he took his religious beliefs and taught it to his neighborhood friends. Throughout high school he didn't take place in things that seemed in sin like dancing and drinking. Not long before he moved to Richmond Indiana where he graduated high school early and worked as an orderly in a hospital where he met his his soon to be wife Marceline Baldwin. He continued his education at Indiana University.As years past he moved to Indianapolis to work as a student pastor at the Summerset Methodist Church in 1952. A year past and he was soon building reputation therefore calling it his church. To build more popularity he bought radio time on Sundays to preach sermons to the public. As the pubic says "His preaching became so good it over crowded the little church" causing him and his church followers to move to San Francisco to a church he named "The Peoples Temple" Jones ability to use different languages and give healings, drugs in many more follower who started to believe he was "Jesus". Not after did he find out that reports started to slip out about relations inside the church, So with that Jones moved all his followers to renovated jungle in Guyana he named it "Jonestown" where he cut down trees and built cabins. In order todo this he had to do a little bit of talking telling his followers that it will be like living in a Utopia .1974- Now that all 1000 of Jones followers are in what he calls Jonestown, they claim its way different...

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