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I think that Jimmy Buffet is a very influential person in the entire music industry even though he has never won any awards for his music. I believe he is a man that is really down to Earth. The reason that I say this is that whenever anything that does not go his way he remembers about his plane crash a couple of years ago and realizes that he is lucky even to be alive. To me this makes a person down to Earth because now he takes everything in stride and he also pursues his dreams. He knows that eventually he will achieve all of his goals that he wants to. Another thing that I admire about him is his persistence even before his plane crash. When he started out singing he was playing only in front of his mother and his mother's bridge club. Then he soon started playing for local bars, then audiences in small concert halls, then he eventually made it to large concert halls, and now he is playing for sold out concerts of over 35,000 people. These concerts are sold out usually in less than one hour due to all the Parrotheads that love his music.Even before his plane crash he lived a very laid back life. The reason that I say that is in his songs. He always talks about sailing to get away from everyone so that he can relax; he also talks about drinking to relieve stress and also will make him relaxed. Also in his songs he talks about fishing, which for some people is also very relaxing, and for him this is his passion. When I go to his concerts, I believe the reason that I see people from their early teens all the way up to people in their sixties is that he can relate to all these people. The reason that I say he relates to the older group is that he understands how much things have risen over the last decades. He even mentions the rise in prices in couple of his songs especially on the Feeding Frenzy CD. Another way that he can relate with the older group of people is how they are slowly slowing down but still wants to be young a kid at heart. At his concerts these older people can be next to the younger group and party with them just pretending that they are kids again; maybe just for a day but...

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