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In Jim’s story you are told of a young man who is thrown into a predicament in a small South American town. He has been given three options on how to handle the situation at hand. His first option is to kill one of the nineteen villagers to save his life and the other villagers’ lives. The second option is to not kill a single villager and let them all die and save his own life. Finally his third option is to try to take the captain of the army going to kill the villagers’ hostage and threaten them to releasing the villagers, though the setup would not work and ultimately he would die along with the villagers in the feud.
I would use the theory of Utilitarianism in normative ethics holding that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes utility, and promotes happiness and also would stop the suffering. The choice I would make using this approach would to be to kill the single villager so that everyone else could continue to live the rest of their lives. Though murder is not ethically and morally correct in this case it would stop more bloodshed from continuing. It would also be for the better good. The other approaches to this would not be morally correct. Letting the villagers all die because you don’t want to commit a sin and a crime, though ethically it is correct, you are morally obligated to stop it. And trying to be a hero and getting everyone killed would just be a catastrophic failure not only do you get yourself killed but you don’t even save the villagers.
In utilitarianism a moral worth of an action is determined only by its outcome, although there is debate over how much consideration should be given to actual consequences, foreseen consequences and intended consequences it still is determined by the outcome. Utilitarianism can be characterized as a quantitative and a reduction approach to ethics which does not regard the consequences of an act as a source of its moral worth. While as Deontological Ethics judges the morality of an action based on the action's following of a set way to a rule.
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